Fruit-full and Choc-full Cakes

I made 3 cakes on Thanksgiving week: 1 for Thanksgiving and 2 for the joint post-birthday celebration of Hubby and a dear friend, who share the same birthday.

The cake decorations were rather simple and easy to make.  Anyone can make them and there’s no cake decorating experience necessary!  Seriously!  My sources of inspiration?  The fresh and canned fruits section and the snacks/cookies section of the supermarket. ;)

All cakes were covered with homemade whipped frosting, my frosting of choice.  You can, by all means, use frozen whipped topping.  Just make sure you thaw it as per package directions.  Fruits and chocolates are just perfect with whipped frosting.  Whipped topping/frosting  goes with practically any cake, homemade or cake mix.

Hubby’s Dark Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake

I didn’t make hubby a birthday cake on his actual birthday.  I did make him one for his post-birthday celebration…

There is not a single piped decoration on this cake.  I simply “attached” my decorations of wafers, moonpies and sliced strawberries.

I cut the moonpies in half and used them to decorate the side of the cake.  In between moonpies are the wafers.  Moonpies reminded me of the choco-mallow cookies I enjoyed as a kid.  I have to say though, that my childhood choco-mallows taste better. ;)

I decorated the top of the cake with fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings.  I shaved a Hershey’s dark chocolate bar right on top of the cake. ;)  There are chocolate shavings on the side of the cake too.

Don’t think that kids only like cakes frosted with buttercream and decorated with their favorite tv/cartoon characters.  This cake appealed to the kids as much as it did the adults.  The kids at the party couldn’t get their hands on the moonpies and wafers quickly enough after the birthday candle was blown. ;)

Andrew’s Fruit-full French Vanilla Birthday Cake

Our friend, Andrew, and my hubby share the same birthday.  So they had a joint post birthday celebration.  For Andrew, I made French Vanilla Cake and decorated it with fresh strawberries and (canned) peach slices….

Just like hubby’s cake, there is not a single piped decoration on this cake.  These are the first cakes I ever made where I didn’t pipe any decorations at all.  And I have to say, I’m pleased with the results just the same.

This cake had a custard filling, my first time to make it, which reminded me of crema de fruta.  It’s my new favorite cake filling. ;)  It went well with the French Vanilla Cake.  I’m glad with how this cake came together.  Never mind if it looks a little feminine for the birthday celebrant…who didn’t seem to mind.

Some of the kids preferred the French Vanilla Cake over the Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake.  But, they made sure they got a piece of moonpie and wafer with their slice of vanilla cake.  Hee hee.

Thanksgiving’s Fruitful Harvest

For Thanksgiving, I made my favorite cake to make – Mocha Chiffon.  It was also my friend’s request that I make it for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Her wish was my command. ;)

I’ve decorated cakes with whipped frosting (Creme Chantilly) lots of times and no two look alike.   This mocha chiffon is about 4-inches high (maybe more with the frosting!).  I piped a shell border at the bottom of the cake and flowers for the top border.

The top of the cake was decorated with (canned) peach slices and fresh strawberry halves.

I love, love this cake.  That much I can tell you. ;)

There.  You’re bound to attend a lot of holiday parties in the coming days (and win some ipods in holiday raffles!).  You might want to surprise your family and friends with something homemade or semi-homemade but looks store-bought…better than store-bought even! :)

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  1. Luigi says:

    Tita are you sure anybody can make these wonderful cakes? I love how you popped in the wafers on Tito Dondi’s cake! All your cakes surely made me hungry.


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