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McCormick & Schmick’s has been looming over my head for the longest time.  I’ve been hearing so much about it, everything good.  What that did, however, was raise my expectation.  Three weeks ago, we finally got around to dining at McCormick & Schmick’s at The Domain to celebrate a special occasion, hubby’s ****ty-fourth birthday. ;)

It was my daughter who was very excited about the dinner.  She wanted to eat in a restaurant that’s “richy-rich” – a term she got from one of the kindergarten books she has been reading.  My little girl defines a “richy-rich” restaurant as one with tables covered in white table cloth on top of which are laid more than one set of spoon and fork and wine glasses.  The first thing she said as soon as we were seated in our booth was, “This isn’t a richy-rich restaurant, Mommy. Look, there’s no tablecloth!”  Hee hee.

Back to our dinner.  You’ll have to excuse the photos.  They were taken with an I-phone.  We brought a camera, yes, but we left the battery at home. :P  And you know how restaurant lighting is worse than home lighting as far as taking food photos is concerned.

We were at M&S on a Monday, when bottled wines are priced half-off.  So we got ourselves a bottle of red wine…

I am not so big on wines, so I know zilch about them, that much I can tell you.  I love champagne more…sweet and bubbly…like me.  Kidding. :P

For starters, I had Seafood and Roasterd Corn Chowder…

It was light and creamy.  I liked it.

Hubby had a Caesar Salad with hearts of romaine and garlic parmesan croutons…

As you can see, it was quite chunky. :)

The little princess ordered Chicken Tenders and fries from the kid’s menu…

I convinced her not to order Mac and Cheese, even if it were a McCormick and Schmick’s Mac and Cheese.  She did finish off the chicken tenders, which could only mean that they were good.

For my main course, I got the chef’s recommendation of Pan-Seared Halibut with Squash Risotto, hoping it would blow me away…

Well, it didn’t. :( Truth be told and fancy menu description aside, it’s one that can be had anywhere, duplicated at home even.  That’s what I get for changing orders at the last minute.  My other choice for main course was the Shrimp and Steak Combination, which hubby had the smarts to order for himself.  It was a classic case of someone’s loss (mine!) being someone else’ s gain (hubby’s!)…

It’s a combination of 6 oz. Filet Mignon and Lump Blue Crab-Stuffed Shrimps.  The moment I saw Hubby’s plate, I regretted not ordering it as well, more so when I tasted the steak!  The steak was perfectly cooked and juicy.  The best part about this Shrimps and Steak combination wasn’t the shrimps, nor was it the steak, but the dessert it came with…

Creme Brulee topped with berries!  Now this blew me away!  Mmmmm!  We all loved it.  If this were my dessert, I wouldn’t have shared it.  Hee hee.  This creme brulee made me want to get my own Creme Brulee kit, torch and all.  And one of these days, I will! ;)

My daughter had a dessert of her own, a nice-sized bowl of vanilla ice cream…

It was Hubby and I who ended up sharing the ice cream, because the little princess decided she liked her dad’s birthday treat more…

It’s a dark chocolate cup filled with mousse-like whipped cream.  It was heaven in a tiny dark chocolate cup. :)  Plus, the little girl loved the creme brulee, too!

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience.  We will definitely come back here sometime soon.  Perhaps, during happy hour when we’ll get more bang for our buck. ;)  One thing’s for sure, no-more pan-seared fish for me.  If I were to order seafood, it will be shellfish.  Oooh, I can hear the Creme Brulee calling me…as in right now. :D

Have a great week, y’all!  Cheers!

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  1. abby says:

    weng, i use the regular propane torch (from home depot, no less hehe) to torch my brulee. mas matagal kasi ang mileage, unlike yung mga kasama sa kits. dali gawa na!
    .-= abby´s last blog ..Moving =-.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Abby! Hindi ba nakakatakot gumamit ng torch? Sige nga, I’ll check out Home Depot and find myself a nice torch. Baka pag meron na ako noon, sumpungin na akong mag brulee. ;) Salamat sa tip!


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