Three Feasts in One

This entry is a prelude to the recipes that will be making their way here in the next couple of days.  Consider this a preview. ;)

On November 28th, we had a triple celebration of a feast: Post-Thanksgiving and 2 Birthdays (Hubby’s and a friend’s).  The birthday families took care of the food, while another family took care of the venue..their home.

For our share of the feast, I prepared some of  Hubby’s favorites.  I kept to a menu that had “a touch of Spain”, save for one dish (an appetizer!) that was completely out of place.  Hee hee. We brought the following home-cooked dishes to the feast:

Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

The recipe for the Deviled Eggs can be found HERE.

Champignon al Ajillo

I just love mushrooms!  Next time, I’ll make sure to use whole button mushrooms.  This make for a good pasta sauce, too!

Gambas al Ajillo

I’m afraid the photo doesn’t give the gambas justice.  Worry not, I have what I think are better photos for my Gambas entry.  Yes, the one with the recipe. ;)  This is also perfect for pasta!

Arroz ala Valenciana

I wanted to make paella but I thought it was too much work.  So I went for the paella’s close relative instead. I love how this turned out!  I will have to make this again soon.

Lengua (Ox Tongue) with Creamy Mushroom Gravy

It’s been a while since I last cooked lengua.  I love lengua but it’s different when you have to cook it yourself.  It’s not for the faint of heart, otherwise, you just might, er, lose consciousness (and find yourself attached to medical equipment.) Hee hee.  This lengua was oh-so tender, the result of 3 hours of boiling.  I really have got to get myself a pressure cooker!  Then maybe, I’ll cook lengua more often.

For dessert, I made two cakes, which I’ve already featured just two entries down

This one’s  Hubby’s…

And this one’s for A, the other birthday celebrant…

Here are the other dishes that made up our triple celebration, cooked by my friend M for her dear hubby (and for us, of course!) and all of which I truly loved…

Sweet and Sour Fish

Green (or is it String?) Beans with Shrimp Paste

M also cooked super yummy Kare-Kare with the biggest cuts of ox-tail this side of Texas.  Haha!

We also had wings for appetizers, and 3 kinds of ice cream.  Birthdays just aren’t complete without cake and ice cream.  I meant to make pasta (noodles for long life!), but I was just short of time…as always. Anyway, we had pasta on hubby’s actual birthday. ;)

We all just love an excuse to get together, preferably, potluck.  But we do make exceptions on special occasions…which we have a lot of.   We’ve got more parties coming up.  It’s the season for parties and gift giving and good cheer after all. *wink*


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