A Simple Christmas Lunch

Our Christmas lunch was a complete and utter contrast to our Christmas Eve dinner, which we shared and enjoyed with friends.  Christmas Eve dinner, as expected, was a glorious feast.  It was potluck and each family who attended the dinner brought at least 1 dish and 1 dessert to share.  Sorry, no photos…because we were late.  Hee hee.  A feast with an abundance of food could only mean an abundance of left-overs.  I had to restrain myself from taking home some of the yummy dishes as I didn’t want to be tempted to not cook on Christmas day. ;)

On Christmas day, I did manage to whip up a  few simple dishes, which my family enjoyed nonetheless…

Pancit Guisado (Combination Egg & Rice Stick Noodles with Shrimps)

Birthdays aren’t complete without the requisite noodles…for long life.  And Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so it’s just right that we had pancit!  I cooked a fresh batch on Christmas day, a combination of egg and rice stick noodles with shrimps.  I also cooked this same pancit but with shredded chicken for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Sari-Saring Pampagana (Assorted Appetizers)

We had an appetizer platter of sorts.  These appetizers, for most Pinoys (like us!) are already ulam (viands) in themselves and can already be enjoyed with rice.  I don’t expect all of you to understand. :D  We had grilled eggplants, salted duck eggs and manggang hilaw at bagoong (green mangoes with shrimp paste).  I, for one, can have the mangoes and shrimp paste with rice…and nothing else. ;)  Hee hee.

Inihaw na Hito (Grilled Catfish)

Who said one can’t grill in winter?  Not when you have a stop-top grill pan!  In keeping with our simple Filipino-themed Christmas lunch, I grilled some catfish. We should have this more often…and we will!

Ensaladang Mangga (Green Mango Salad)

When there’s inihaw (grilled food), ensaladang mangga couldn’t be too far behind.  I made  green mango salad to go with the grilled catfish.  I held off on the onions though, as I have a strong aversion towards fresh onions.  Hee hee.

Leche Flan

For dessert we had an all-egg yolk leche flan.  It was heaven in a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth leche flan with a golden-brown, smooth-as-a-skating-rink top. :D  This was my first time to make an all egg-yolk leche flan.  And this is how I’ll make all my future flans from hereon.  If you’re planning on sending shipping boxes to Texas from the Philippines some time soon, please include a few leche flan molds for me. Kidding. :D

Recipes for the pancit and leche flan will be posted in upcoming entries.  I have a major backlog of recipes for sharing!  I’ll get one recipe out of the way right after I publish this entry. ;)

How are your New Year’s feast preparations coming along?  I still have a little over 24 hours to do mine.  :D

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