Gastronomic Welcome to 2010

There’s no better way to end a marvelous year and begin a most promising, exciting and richly-blessed one  than with a gastronomic feast.  It is safe to say that in our case, it all boils down to culture.    In the Philippines, the New Year is welcomed with much fun, not to mention food fare. ;)  We believe in our hearts of hearts that a year that starts off bountifully (with food and all things positive) will be abundant…bountiful…prosperous the entire year.

On New Year’s Eve, we had another one of our potluck get-togethers.   We had quite a bountiful spread, that much I can tell you.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Here, see for yourselves…

Main Dishes

Six families came to the New Year’s Eve dinner, each of whom brought a dish (and a dessert!) to share.

Our host prepared some appetizers: Cheese Quesadillas and Crackers with Cream Cheese and Jam

One family brought yummy Stuffed Mushrooms

Here’s our menu of main dishes…

Callos, my family’s contribution to the feast.  It was Thanksgiving 2008 when I last made this dish. I’ve forgotten how tedious it was to prepare.  No wonder I haven’t cooked it in so long!  Hee hee.

Pinoy Spaghetti, a Filipino gathering won’t be complete without noodles of any kind.  Noodles, lest you’ve forgotten, symbolize long life.  What  makes a spaghetti Filipino/Pinoy?  One, it is sweet.  Two, it has hotdogs. :D

Fried Chicken and Fried Chicken Liver…another dish that is seldom missing in a Filipino feast is fried chicken.  Go to a Filipino children’s party and you can almost always count on having spaghetti and fried chicken (and ice cream and cake!).  You’ll get a burger and fries with that, too, if you’re lucky. ;) You can just imagine my shock when we went on our first non-Filipino children’s party.  ‘Nuff said. :P

Lumpiang Shanghai…this is another Filipino party staple.  The ones we had at the party were made with ground turkey and spinach.  It was a very pleasant twist!  There was a crunch in every bite, too! ;)

Igado…This is an Ilocano dish with pork and pork liver.  It is somewhat a cross between menudo (because of the ingredients) and adobo (because of the soy sauce and vinegar).

Beef Stroganoff…just as good without sour cream and with hot rice. Seriously!

Ready for dessert?  Come on, there is ALWAYS room for dessert! ;)

Our Dessert Spread

Leche FlanI was excited to let my friends taste my all-egg-yolk leche flan.  I even brought my official leche flan serving platter.   My excitement was not left unrewarded.  Hee hee. ;)

Cassava…It’s always nice to have some sticky food on New Year’s.

Chocolate Chip Cookies…as for round goodies, we had that covered, too. :D

Chocolate Lover’s Delight Cake…the chocolate lovers were delighted alright!

Halayang Ube…no New Year’s Day celebration is complete, as far as my family is concerned, without halayang ube.  Thank goodness our host was up to the mixing challenge required. :D

And there you have it, our gastronomic welcome to 2010.  I betcha 2010 was mighty pleased. ;)


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3 Responses to “Gastronomic Welcome to 2010”

  1. Kubiertos says:

    Wow quite a spread indeed! Did you make the stuffed mushrooms? I would love to get hold of a recipe. Happy New Year!
    .-= Kubiertos´s last blog ..Winners: Discovery Travel and Living Christmas Giveaway =-.


  2. Thess says:

    Chef Weng, Happy Happy New Year ulit!! Grabe ang spread na yan!! Nasa kalagitnaan pa lang ako ng scrolling gusto ko na itigil kasi naglalaway na ko, hu hu hu! :P You’re lucky to have wonderful Pinoy friends talaga, walang problem sa potluck. Mga kaibigan kong Dutch, walang marunong magluto, hmp!

    btw I got the Christmas card…uy sino yung tatlong nasa cover, they look family, este familiar :P Thank you so much, from H and me!

    luv yah Weng *muah*


  3. Keith says:

    Weng, what a spread! If that is any indication of how bountiful your year will be then I hope you can adopt our family… hehehe!

    Also interested with the stuffed mushroom… please share recipe with Pinky please (if your friend does not mind…hehehe!)
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Al Areen Wildlife Park =-.


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