I Scream for Ice Cream Cake

More than screaming for ice cream cake, I was screaming for ice cream cake success.  I haven’t been posting ice cream cake entries lately because the last two I made – one in July 2009  and another in December 2009 – failed miserably.  I was hugely embarrassed because I made them for the birthdays of people dear to me.  Tsk, tsk.

I realized after the 2nd failed ice cream cake that I can’t take shortcuts when it comes to ice cream cakes.  You see, I didn’t give those cakes the freezing time they needed in between steps…4 hours after being transferred to a pan, 4 hours after frosting with whipped cream, plus 2-4 hours more after the decorations have been added.  That’s at least 10 hours all in all!  Having said that, I was determined not to fail a third time…and I didn’t.  Alleluia!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I got my ice cream cake mojo back.  Hee hee.  It was important that I didn’t fail this time because this cake was for my Mom, for her milestone birthday, no less!

This is the 2nd ice cream cake I made for my not-overly-fond-of-cake Mom.  This is purely ice cream.  I used two flavors: milk chocolate and cherry vanilla.  The cherry vanilla flavor was quite a revelation.  We loved it!  To think I only got it because I wanted a pink colored ice cream and strawberry wasn’t available in the ice cream brand I wanted. :D

Yellow is one of my Mom’s most favorite colors, which explains the yellow colored swirls on the cake.  Check out this slice…

If it were summer, this cake would have already started melting (and resembling sweaty long distance movers! eeek!) the very moment it was taken out of the freezer. It’s ironic that the best time to make ice cream cake is winter.  Hee hee.

Happy Birthmonth, Mommy!  ;)

Have a great week ahead, y’all!

PS.  This is only the first of two cakes I made for my Mom.  I made her another one for her surprise birthday party. You’ll read about it soon.

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  1. Keith says:

    Success! Congratulations – that looks really yummy. Can’t wait to see your next ice cream cake design. Career na talaga ito!


  2. […] hand, couldn’t help saying that this cake looked better than her birthday cakes (THIS and THIS)!  Hee hee.  What can I say, there might be some truth to what she […]

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