McCormick & Schmick’s…The Second Time Around

It was in November when we first wined and dined at McCormick & Schmick’s to celebrate hubby’s birthday.  I posted an entry about it HERE.  After only a little over a month, we were back.  This time, to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and my Mom’s birthday (her 60th! Shhhh!).  It used to be that Tokyo Steak House was our restaurant of choice for special occasions.  It looks like we now have a new favorite.  Yes, I really think we do.

Since that November dinner, I’ve been itching to go back to McCormick & Schmick’s because I was the only one who was not 100% satisfied with my dinner (not too disappointed though that I needed anti wrinkle cream!).  I may have been a little dissatisfied with my dinner, but I was overly satisfied with dessert, the one that came with hubby’s combo. :D   The second time around, I was determined to get it all right. One look at the menu and I knew we were in for a fantastic evening…

“Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday” – Awww, that’s a sweet sweet touch, don’t you think?

It was a Tuesday night when we had that double celebration dinner, but we made sure to make reservations and to mention that we were celebrating two special occasions.  That’s a tip I got from one of the reviews I’ve read online.  I was glad I took that tip to heart!  For one, we were seated in a nice booth, which had curtains that can be drawn for privacy.  We loved that little touch because being a food blogger, I have to take photos of food!  We drew the curtains a little every time I had to use camera flash.  Hee hee.  Plus, we got specially printed menus.  I think that was really very nice.

We skipped the soups and salads this time because we knew we wanted to have enough room for dessert.  So here’s what we had…

Mac and Cheese for the little girl.  I did try to convince her to order something else, but she just wouldn’t budge.  She loved it but she loved my Mom’s dinner as well…

Maine Lobster and Seafood Steamer for the birthday girl.  This was in white wine garlic broth with sweet corn and garden vegetables.  This is a dish that my Mom would really like, and she did, seafood lover that she is.   It was also in a portion she could very well finish.  The lobster and seafood were cooked and seasoned nicely (not overcooked!).

Hubby snobbed the steaks this time and went for a fish dish that was Chef Gregg’s recommendation…

Overn Roasted Canadian Atlantic Salmon with Bay Shrimp, Blue Crab Fresh Dill and Brie…that’s quite a mouthful, I know.  Hee hee.  This was served with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and topped with lemon butter.  I must say, Hubby got a better deal with this Chef’s Recommendations than I did the first time we were here!

As for me, I went for the Steak and Shrimp Combination

This is a 9oz Top Sirloin and Lump Blue Crab Stuffed Shrimps.  I was very happy and satisfied with my food, so happy and satisfied that I might be too afraid to try the other dishes on the menu. :D  A 9oz steak proved to be a little too much for me.  I had to share some of it with hubby. But the shrimps, I gobbled down all by myself. Yeah!

For dessert, in addition to my daughter’s free generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, and my Mom’s birthday chocolate cup filled with whipped cream (also on the house), we had Chocolate Silk Pie

This had an Oreo cookie crust and was so deliciously rich we were not able to wipe the plate clean.  And besides, it was very hard to compete with our other dessert…

Creme Brulee.  We loved this the first time and we loved it all over again the second time.  Hee hee.  When the dessert choices were brought to us, my heart sank when I didn’t see the creme brulee.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I was told they had it. :)

We had a most enjoyable dinner, yes, made even more enjoyable by our server that night, John.  He was very nice, friendly, accommodating and funny, too.

We hope to try McCormick and Schmick’s famous happy hour fare the third time around, although, dinner again will be nice, too. ;)

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