Tuna Salad Wrap

We bought a pack of whole wheat flatbread at Costco last weekend.  You know how Costco sells everything in bulk, so that pack of flatbread actually has 18 pieces of flatbread all in all, which are divided into 3 packs of 6 flatbreads each. I thought at first that 18 pieces was way too  much for our very small family.  Then again, after I thought of all the possibilities, the flatbreads found their way to our cart in the end. ;)

Now, those flatbreads are almost gone.  So much for “too much for our very small family”.  Hee hee.  Several days ago, and again today, I made Tuna Salad Wraps…

My daughter seems all too willing to go in the opposite direction whenever she hears the words “whole wheat” and “brown rice”.   When I made Tuna Salad Wrap for her snack, I sliced the wrap into 4 pieces and served them on a sushi plate.  I told her she was having Flat Bread Sushi. :P   After all, the pieces did look like sushi! So I’m a trickster that way.  My little girl enjoyed her snack but pointed the obvious out to me, that what she’s eating isn’t sushi. I just told her it’s sushi made with flatbread and not rice.

To make these wraps, I used Albacore Tuna (in water) and mixed it with light mayo, dijon mustard, paprika, salt and pepper.  I got the idea from the deviled eggs I made a couple months back.   To add color, not to mention health benefits, I made sure I included some greens from the tub of spring mix salad vegetables I had in the fridge.  How’s that for a healthy and meatless snack that’s yummy nevertheless?

Have a great weekend, y’all!  It’s Spring Break already and pretty soon, outdoor fireplaces will be taking a much needed break. Cheers! :)

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