Room Service…Almost But Not Quite

We spent the last two weekends that sandwiched my daughter’s Spring Break in Irving, TX.  We crashed in my brother-in-law’s hotel suite, his home for the next two months. There’s nothing like free accommodation when one is out of town.  Hee hee. *wink*

Last Friday, hubby, my little girl and I were too lazy to get dressed and head out for lunch.  Besides, hubby was working from the hotel room.  Hubby suggested that we just raid BIL’s cupboard and freezer.  We found a box of spaghetti, a jar of 3-cheese pasta sauce and a pound of frozen large shrimps.  Well, well, well, that looked like a perfect  lunch…an uncooked one!  So room service it was for hubby and the little munchkin, with me as their personal in-room chef.

I didn’t mind the cooking.  Not one bit.  It took all of 3o minutes to put everything together, maybe less even!  I love that the kitchenette, tiny as it was, was fully equipped.  It had a regular-sized fridge and stainless steel pots and pans that were of very good quality, thick and heavy.  There were Pyrex bowls and a good-sized strainer, too.  Everything I needed to cook a decent meal was there.  I would have loved an oven for quick pizzas.  Then again, I might get a crazy idea to bake so it’s actually quite a blessing that there’s no oven.

My daughter enjoyed her Shrimp and Pasta Bowl, while Hubby and I enjoyed our Shrimp and Pasta Plate…

Just like my womens vitamins, I make sure my pantry/fridge is never out of (whole wheat) pasta, all natural pasta sauce and some protein to go with the pasta.  That way, whenever I am under a lazy spell, I can always whip up a quick yet healthy and filling meal. ;)

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