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What first comes to mind when you hear the names/words Genghis, Kublai or Khan?  Embarrassing as it is to admit, the first thing that comes to my mind is not warriors on horseback  (donning gear that is so unlike equestrian clothing) but food…Mongolian food, of course! *wink*

I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed Mongolian food until recently, when we had the chance to eat at Genghis Grill,  a Mongolian stir-fry place at the Galleria Dallas.  That was on a Friday about two weeks ago.  We loved it so much that after only a day, we were back at Genghis Grill, this time, at the Georgetown location, which is closer to where we live.

It was quite an experience.  And I love how I can actually make healthy choices as I build my bowl of Mongolian stir-fry!  We were each given a small stainless bowl, which we were to fill with our ingredients of choice.  First stop was the “protein station”.  Since we’ve gone meatless for Lent, we only chose seafood items (squid, marinated fish, scallops, shrimps, imitation crab), except for my little girl who is exempted from meat abstinence.  Next stop is the “spices station”.  I kept mine simple with a little heat – citrus garlic herb and crushed red pepper.  The third component of our bowl was the “veggies”. I have to admit, I crammed and piled as much vegetables as I can in my small bowl.  Hee hee.  Our fourth stop was the “sauce station”.  I chose honey soy. So where’s the starch?  Oh, there’s plenty of choices,  6 actually: steamed rice, fried rice, brown rice, tortilla, spiral pasta and udon noodles.  I chose brown rice.  There’s really no starch station.  You just tell one of the stir-fry masters your carbs of choice as you hand over your bowl to be cooked here…

Photo taken at Genghis Grill, Georgetown

That one tiny stainless bowl will fill you up.  But if you find yourself wanting more stir-fry goodness, you can go bottomless.

The sauces are really good.  Sauces are what makes or breaks your Mongolian bowl, if I may say so myself. I remember Hubby being disappointed so many times at the Mongolian stations of Chinese buffets because he couldn’t get the sauce combinations quite right.  At GG, all you need is one sauce really although you can mix ’em all up if you’re brave enough to experiment. :)

It’s another case of love at first bite for us.  My daughter loves the fact that she created her own meal, which she refers to as her “secret recipe”.  Hee hee.  That said, we really don’t mind the 20-minute drive for our Mongolian stir-fry fix.  I should be craving for a bowl any time now. :)
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