Cod Fish Fillet Bento

I’ve been thinking of what to make with the pack of cod fish fillets we bought at Costco.  I meant to make Fish and Chips with them but scratched the idea because I’ve been avoiding deep fried food for several weeks now.  Then I remembered how much my little girl used to love fish sticks.  So I thought I’d make her my version – a healthy one at that! – of fish sticks.

I used to be guilty of buying frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets for my daughter’s school lunch when she was in pre-school.  I know, shame on me!  But I’m smarter now and so much more conscious of what I pack in her lunch bag and what I cook for the family. *wink*

The “fish sticks” I ended up making aren’t exactly sticks because they are about twice the size, if not bigger, of the regular fish sticks.  I simply cut the thick cod fish fillets into smaller pieces, seasoned them with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and Emeril’s essence and covered them in whole wheat bread crumbs.   I cooked them in a non-stick pan, which was coated with a thin layer of cooking spray.  That’s it!  Simple. Easy. Healthy.  They should complement the hours you spend at your home gyms.

I packed the fish fillet  with a mixture of brown and white rice. I’ve been cooking equal parts of brown and white rice until the little munchkin’s taste buds fully adjusts to the taste of brown rice, which shouldn’t be long now.  For her dipping sauce, the little girl requested for mayo mixed with a little bit of Kikkoman Ponzu, a sample I received as part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker Program. ;)

I used to worry about my little munchkin not wanting to eat rice in school unless it’s part of sushi.  As you can see, I need not worry about that anymore.  Surprise, surprise, she’s been eating rice with her favorite home-cooked dishes in school. Yeah!

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