Celebrating Tax Day at McCormick and Schmick’s

Crazy as that might sound, we did celebrate Tax Day…at McCormick and Schmick’s no less!  How could we not?  The lure of $10.40 dinner specials was just too hard to resist!  That’s like the foodie equivalent of a plasma tv and flat panel mount combo sale.  Well, maybe not. We’ve dined at McCormick and Schmick’s twice and both times, we were celebrating special occasions.  Tonight, we thought we’d dub Tax Day a special occasion. Hee hee. :)

The $10.40 dinner specials can only be availed of at the bar.  We arrived at the tail end of happy hour and waited about 15 minutes before we secured ourselves a table.  Because we were at the bar, I thought it only proper to order something bar-appropriate to drink, a Smirnoff Orange Tropicana (warning: The photos are going to be awful because it was dark and we only had Hubby’s trusty I-phone to take photos with.)…

Now this, is exactly my kind of drink, sweet and refreshing and you don’t realize you’ve been hit until you get up from your seat.  Maybe I just need to have a drink a tad more often. :P  Hubby had something bar-worthy to drink as well.  I just forgot what it was called.  Sorry.

My little girl ordered from the kid’s menu, her usual McCormick and Schmick’s fare of Macaroni and Cheese…

She surprised us by finishing off every last piece of macaroni on her plate.  It was not a small portion, I tell you.  She probably just took advantage of this rare occasion that she gets to eat Mac and Cheese. She sure as heck doesn’t get served this fare at home. Bad mommy?  I don’t think so!

Hubby and I were expecting lunch portions for our dinner and for very good reason. After all, we were paying lunch prices for dinner!  But surprise, surprise, we were served full portions!

I had Blackened Chicken with Vermicelli…

It was creamy.  It was spicy.  It was oh so good. I’m glad I did close to 11000 strides at the gym this morning!  Hee.  The portion was so hefty that I had to ask for Hubby’s help. I really did try to finish it all by myself but I simply can’t.

Hubby had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Mashed Potatoes…

It was moist and perfectly cooked and Hubby loved it.  He liked the grill marks, too. Hee hee.

Much as we love M&S’ Creme Brulee, there’s just no more for it in our already satisfied tummies.  Hubby even  had to rescue our little girl from her free ice cream.  :D

As if the dinner special prices weren’t enough, Hubby and I were each given a certificate worth $10.40 each, which we can use on our next visit. Yeah!  We’ll have to use it at the dining room though (read: Pricier menu items. Haha!).

It was a winner of a dinner, a fun family date on a weeknight.  We can get used to a bill well below $50 for dinner and drinks at M&S. Too bad that won’t always be the case.  Hurray for Tax Relief Day! :)

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