Longanisa Bento

Two entries down, you’ll find my entry on Homemade Skinless Turkey Longanisa, which we had for dinner exactly a week ago.  We missed the goodness of longanisa so much that throughout dinner that night, we kept uttering “Mmmm!” (Sometimes with eyes closed even!) after every bite.  My daughter decided she wanted longanisa for her school lunch the following day.  As much as possible, I involve her in the decision-making process as far her lunch menu is concerned.

I packed some cucumber and melon slices to complete the meal.  Well, it’s not really complete because there was no dipping sauce.  My daughter loves to have a dipping sauce of vinegar with a little bit of salt for her longanisa.  I told her she can’t have that for school.  I found it amusing that she had to wonder and ask, “Why not?”.  Hee hee.  She looked a little confused, as if I told her something about human growth hormone side effects. If only she learns to like tomatoes just a tad bit.

I like it when I’m able to fit all components of my daughter’s lunch in a single container.  I like it even more when the container comes home empty or almost empty.  :)

Cheers, y’all!

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  1. Brian Asis says:

    Haha :) Another wonderful bento :D Although I’m quite confused with what you had to say about human growth hormone side effects. lol.
    .-= Brian Asis´s last blog ..Chocolate Tasting 101 at Heavenly Chocolates =-.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Brian! Oh you can just ignore that bit about the human growth hormones side effects. Hahaha! :)


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