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Frozen yogurt is all the rage these days and we wouldn’t have easily turned into huge fans had not a yogurt shop opened just a stone’s throw away from where we live.  That yogurt shop is Caffe Yolly.

Caffe Yolly wasn’t even a week old yet when my family dropped by for the first time.  Being the frozen yogurt virgins that we were, we  had no clue that we were to serve ourselves, which we thought was cool!  Way cool, thought my 5-year old daughter!

$0.39 per ounce doesn’t sound like a lot.  But once you’ve gotten carried away with dispensing yummy creamy yogurt into your cup and piled up all your favorite toppings from the healthy (fruits) to the sinful (chocolate chips, candy sprinkles, etc.), you’ll be surprised at how heavy your cup can actually get.

Between my husband, my daughter and me, I always end up with the most expensive cup. Hee hee.  I may not put a whole lot of yogurt in my cup, but I’m guilty of filling it up with the heaviest toppings: black berries, kiwi, strawberries, mango slices, blueberries, etc. ;)

We have to admit though, that frozen yogurt is only the second reason we go to Caffe Yolly, as far as hubby and I are concerned.   The first reason will have to be the coffee.  They serve the best coffee.  Better than ****bucks! Seriously!  The owners, mighty nice people that they are, are coffee experts after all.  You can check their certificates, which is on display at the shop.

If it’s not too busy in the shop, we would always opt to sit at the bar where we could always see up close how the coffee is meticulously being prepared.  We also get a few pointers and some coffee trivia from the owners. ;)

Take this photo for instance, where you can see hot water being slowly and carefully poured on fresh coffee beans.  This, I believe, is called the “hand dripped” method.  See the bubbles?  If the coffee beans weren’t fresh, bubbles wouldn’t have formed on top and the water would just have gone through the beans.  And here’s the finished product…

My husband pretty much prefers his coffee this way.  I like mine looking like this….

That’s Cafe Mocha. :)  We have since tried a couple of their coffee concoctions.  But if you must combine what Caffe Yolly has to offer, you very well can.  Go for the Affogato, which is frozen vanilla yogurt drowned in espresso.  It is soooo good you’ll think you’re in Italy.

Here are some more of the gadgets they use for “syphon coffee”…

And no, genies don’t come out of these things! Hee hee.

Caffe Yolly offers 6 no-nonsense yogurt flavors at a time.  They do rotate their flavors.  So if one time you don’t see your favorite flavor, don’t panic.  It should be making a comeback some time soon.

I’ve so far given 2 reasons why we go to Caffe Yolly: yogurt and coffee.  The third would be the owners who are super duper nice and always such a joy to talk to.

I hope y’all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

Cheers and keep cool, everyone!

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