Flower Power and Shark’s Fin Cupcakes

My daughter has been asking me why she and another classmate are the only ones who have yet to turn a year older over the course of the school year.  It’s kind of a bummer to be 5 years old when everyone else has already turned 6, yah know!  Hee hee.  I told her it’s because she and her friend have summer birthdays and school’s already out by the time their birthdays are here.  Well, whatever disappointments she might have about not being 6 yet were all finally laid to rest today.  Early this afternoon, my daughter and her friend, got to celebrate their summer birthdays in class, with cupcakes and juice to boot! ;)

I wanted cupcakes with a summer-y feel but won’t take too much time to make.  I opted for flower power for the girls and shark fins for the boys.

The cupcakes turned out well, if I may say so myself, and french buttercream that refused to stiffen notwithstanding. ;)  Hello, Texas heat!  I’ve got very interesting cake decorating weekends for most of June to look forward to. *cross fingers*

The cupcakes with shark fins seemed to excite the kids the most, including my daughter.  Cue in the theme from movie Jaws…

I would have loved frosting with a tint of blue to go with the shark fins but I forgot that I’ve already ran out of blue gel color. Oh well.  Nevertheless, white frosting worked out fine. ;)

How’s that for shark infested cupcakes?  :) These are harmless so there’s no need to take out your term life insurance from the safe!  Kidding! :D

All the decorations are fondant. The shark fins were cut free hand unlike the flowers for which I used my fondant (flower) cutters.

I promised my daughter better looking cupcakes and cake for her actual birthday. *cross fingers* She’s already barking out ideas for her birthday cake.  She really cracks me up!

Take time to smell the flowers…and stay away from sharks! :) Cheers!

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