Scrambled Egg Whites

Since Hubby and I started making healthier food choices, breakfast options have been limited to the following: cereal with soy milk or low-fat yogurt, whole wheat oatmeal or a slice of whole wheat toast and low-fat cheese, plus fruits and a cup of coffee for hubby and green tea for me.  Hubby proudly told me that during a recent business trip, he skipped the greasy breakfast buffet choices (eggs and bacon or sausages) and stuck it out with our usual breakfast fare.  I couldn’t be happier that he embraced this lifestyle change together with me.

On weekends, however, I go the extra mile and do a bit of chopping and quick cooking for what has become a typical Saturday/Sunday breakfast fare, Scrambled Egg Whites…

It’s not as boring or bland as it sounds.  It has diced onions, chopped garlic and spinach and sliced mushrooms.  For flavor, I sprinkle some dried basil and rosemary (although fresh would be so much better!) plus a dash of sea salt and cayenne pepper.  We roll this up in whole wheat flatbreads. ;)

This isn’t greasy at all because it is cooked in a non-stick pan coated with cooking spray.  I’ve been meaning to buy a spray bottle for my olive oil so I can avoid using those aerosol cooking sprays.  I’ll  get around to doing that soon.  Promise.

We love this weekend breakfast treat.  I specially love the smell of the herbs.  Whoever said egg whites are boring?!  I always have a lot of egg whites on hand because I make a lot of desserts that only need egg yolks.  Funny how things have a way of working out.  Hee hee.

Summer break’s just around the corner for us.  I’ve already lined up some activities to keep my daughter busy, which include fun cooking/baking adventures, trips to the library and the community pool, some fun activities to keep her mind sharp and when I run out of ideas, she can always keep busy by using the barcode scanners app on her dad’s Iphone and scan everything in our house that has a barcode.  Kidding about the last part! Hee hee.

Cheers, y’all!  Keep moving!  Keep healthy! :)

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