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It’s been a little over two weeks since my last update and as is always the case, my “bloggables”, or at least what I consider to be bloggables, have piled up.  Let me get back on track by telling you about my latest cake project.  Never mind if the entry immediately preceding this one is about a cake, too. :)

Last Saturday, I made a Pokemon cake for the 9th birthday of a smart boy.  I also made cupcakes to go with the 9-inch round, 4-inch high cake.  I had a very good feeling I will finish the cake and cupcakes well ahead of time and with plenty of time to spare because the party was set at 6pm.  And I already had the cakes and cupcakes ready by Friday night.  The cake was also iced Friday night.  But what do you know, Murphy’s Law truly is a darned thing!  What a killjoy! :)

I made my own patterns for the lightning and the letters and the number 9.  I wanted the name and number to be in the same style as the Pokemon letters, which are in yellow and blue.  I do think I succeeded in copying the style of the letters and I did do the letters originally in blue and yellow.  But the blue was too light for my taste so I decided to paint a brighter blue on the already blue tinted fondant.  I liked how it came out but when it was time to attach them to the cake, let’s just say it became a big awful mess.  So at the very last minute, I had to take them off the cake and cut out new letters, plus figure out a way to cover the food coloring smudges the letters left on the cake.  Thus, the blue lightning cloud!  Hee hee.  I had to use red fondant for the replacement letters as I no longer had time to tint white fondant with yellow and blue.  I’m feeling a cold sweat coming just retelling my little ordeal.  :P

My saving grace, if I may say so myself, is Pikachu.  I molded this famous Pokemon character from fondant.  It is my first attempt at making a cake topper out of fondant.  In my previous cakes, I used store-bought cake toppers or toys.  I had fun making Pikachu!  I was second guessing myself the entire time I was making him, wondering if he even closely resembled the toy I was using as a model.  When the birthday mom saw the cake, she asked me if the Pikachu figure on the cake was amongst the Pokemon toys she lent me for inspiration.  I guess he does look like a real toy after all.  Then again, she’s a bit of a jokester.  Hee hee! :D  Hubby, on the other hand, thought Pikachu could use a bit of treadmill time.  And I might have to agree.  Hmp! :P

I made Vanilla Cupcakes to go with the Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Buttercream and Marshmallow filling.  I was supposed to make Vanilla Buttercream for the cupcakes but, like I said, time wasn’t on my side.  And I was too proud to buy a can of pre-made frosting!  :P  Good thing I had some chocolate frosting left!  For the first time, I had to ask hubby to help me.  He frosted the cupcakes, while my daughter topped them with the Pokeballs.  My little girl didn’t want to feel left out and insisted in helping, too. :)

There were supposed to be 24 cupcakes.  Only 12 made it to the birthday party.  The rest, we brought to the after party and topped with store-bought whipped topping.  So much for being too proud!  *blush*

I learned the hard way yet again.  I promised myself I’ll give myself plenty of time if I were to sculpt cake toppers from scratch and if I were to use my own patterns.  It was a miracle I didn’t faint last Saturday, specially with Hubby and my little girl practically breathing down my neck telling me how much time I have left Iron Chef style!

It was a humbling experience. I realized I’m not quite the expert yet who can afford to do her nails in the morning of cake-decorating day.  Even if it were just for trimming and buffing!  Hahaha!

Overall, I had fun doing this cake!  I will avoid Murphy’s Law the next time around. Promise! :D

Cheers and have a great week ahead y’all!

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  1. dang says:

    hi weng! today is my off day & i found myself back to your blog looking for the leche flan recipe & then i saw the gorgeous cakes which are just excellent! grabe ka naman talaga supermom! i lvoe this pokemon cake huh..& the cupcakes too! basta lahat..
    oh..ive tried the scrambled white egg recipe too. alam mo i started a herb garden sa backyard & i have the freshest basil, thyme, rosemary etc. (feeling barefootcontessa hahaha) feel free to drop by anytime. nakikinabang ang neighbors ko kakaharvest!
    hugs to you, abby & dondi! miss ko na magblog sobra!


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