I don’t want to start this p0st with a warning, but I might as well tell you that his is a very photo heavy entry!

On Father’s Day we had a most wonderful buffet brunch at Dulces, a newly opened Mexican restaurant that was rather upscale, located at the Lakeline Mall.  We’ve been curious about this restaurant for quite some time already and we’re glad we didn’t let the the $26.00 per person price tag on the buffet scare us.  And besides, we had a 20% off coupon. ;)

We entered the restaurant with an open mind but expectations were high.  We were informed by our server that drinks from the bar, soda, iced tea, mimosas and champagne were included in the buffet price.  From the kitchen, we can request for freshly made waffles.  Grilled meat -lamb, chicken and sausage- will also be brought to our table.  All these were included in the buffet.  $26.00 wasn’t so bad after all, we came to realize.  Oh, and the dessert table.  It was just gorgeous!

Hubby and I took full advantage of the open bar.  We each ordered a  mimosa, which was 75% champagne and 25% orange juice (or is it the other way around?).

It was refreshing, all right, but I regretted having alcohol so early in the day because alcohol makes me turn a bright crimson.  So I looked like an overripe tomato in most of our photos at Dulces. :D

There was a salad bar, which we practically ignored, because we wanted to make sure we had room for the more important dishes.  There was an assortment of cheeses and breads, all of which, we also ignored.

There was a table for cold appetizers: mussels,oysters, clams, shrimps and fruit kebabs.  This, we embraced. Hee hee. :)

Around the same time we were having appetizers, grilled meat on huge steel skewers were brought to our table one by one.  This brought back memories of Brazilian buffets we enjoyed back home.  First to reach our table were the racks of lamb…

That steel skewer is so big it looks like it can be used in the construction of a metal building.  Anyway, after the lamb came the chicken…

Here’s a better photo…

And then came the sausage wrapped in bacon…

Oohlala!  Given that hubby and I only eat beef/pork one meal a week if not at all, this was practically heaven on steel skewers for hubby.  Well, Happy Father’s Day!  :)  We loved all the grilled meat.  If only for these, we’ll come back to Dulces every so often.

Then, we moved on to the warm dishes of fish, pork, chicken, beef and meatballs in rich sauces…

Now, this is where you’ll probably have a bit of trouble if you’re not fond of spicy dishes, because most of these dishes, save for one or two, have quite a kick of spiciness to them.  But we are fond of spicy dishes so keep ’em coming!  If only there was a teeny tiny bit more salt to the dishes.

Because I have such a sweet tooth, I have the highest expectation for the desserts.  It is the dessert table that welcomes diners toDulces and it was so nicely laid out.  It’s the best looking dessert table/s I’ve seen so far.  You can probably say that I don’t get around so much. Hee hee.

My daughter couldn’t concentrate on her lunch because she couldn’t wait to get her share of sweets.  Her eyes were twinkling as soon as we made a stop at the dessert table.

We were thrilled to see a chocolate fountain and I realized other diners were just as thrilled, adults and children alike.

We all enjoyed taking skewered marshmallows and fruits and giving them a chocolate bath at the fountain. Yum!

Of all the choices on the table, this is what I liked the best, the white chocolate mousse, all the best, I’m sorry to say, didn’t quite float my dessert boat. Huhuhu.

The flan, for instance, was pretty.  But I’ve tasted better. ;)  The chocolate cakes, on the other hand, were too dry for my taste. Sad, sad, sad.

The rice pudding could have a used just a tad more sugar…

I would have loved a glass of champagne but I was already too red from the mimosa. Hee hee.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience for us, a very welcome change from the mediocrity of cheap attractively priced Chinese buffets.  We love the wait staff of Dulces.  They were so friendly and attentive.  The ambiance was nice, too, and the art pieces all over the restaurant.

In spite the disappointment the desserts turned out to be, we’ll still come back to Dulces.  The call of grilled meats will just be too hard to ignore.  But, and here’s the big but, we’ll have to reserve brunches like this for special occasions or for when cravings become intolerable, whichever comes first. :)

Cheers to decent buffets! :)

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