Pajama Party-Themed Birthday Cake

Is it just me or was summer vacation too short?!  Now that the little boss is back in school, I should be able to squeeze in some time to update regularly.  *cross fingers*

My daughter celebrated birthday number 6 two weeks ago with an intimate pajama party here at home.  I shall give you more details and ideas from the party on a separate entry.  For now, let me tell you about the cake I made for my daughter.

I’m actually a little embarrassed to show you the cake photos and you’ll see why in a moment.  But what the heck, the birthday girl loved it and I must say that so did I.

So what’s wrong with the cake?  I made the figure a tad too sunburnt.  Hee hee. :)  The little girl didn’t seem to mind.  I don’t even think she noticed.  Well, I only noticed how dark the figure was when the cake’s all done.  And with dishes to cook and a house to get ready for the arrival of guests, I just didn’t have the time to sculpt another one. :P

I had a blast putting this cake together.  I actually enjoy making miniature elements from real life.  It’s a lot of fun, believe you me!   I’m very relieved, not to mention very thankful to the cake gods that save for the color of the figurine, I didn’t encounter any problems while making this cake.  Everything ran ever so smoothly.  In fact, I was done by 12:30pm.  Party time was 6pm. ;)  This cake, by the way, is Mocha Chiffon Marble Cake with Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream.

The use of the color pink was very minimal because my daughter claims her favorite color at the moment is blue.  I don’t really believe that to be true, but I played along anyway.  The girl is wearing blue pajamas with pink polka dots.  To her right is a cup of cocoa, a bowl of popcorn and a slice of cake. ;)  I wasn’t sure if I did the popcorn justice.  So while I was making it, I called the celebrant and asked her what I was making.  She immediately said popcorn.  That’s all the assurance I needed to proceed. :)

I’m not what you might call a bag hag, but I seem to like making purses out of fondant.  I made one for this cake and a pair of bunny slippers, too! :)

There are lines on the quilt the figure is lying on.  It’s just too bad they’re not visible in the picture.  This ensemble won’t be complete without pillows.  I made 2. :)  Oh, and let’s not forget the eyemask!

This is the first fondant cake I ever made for a member of my family and is easily my favorite.  Next year, when Abby turns 7, I hope to make a bigger and better cake for her. :)

She had several small birthday parties with different sets of friends and we had so much fun in every single one of them.  The birthday girl was also happy to have her birthday wish granted. Too bad we were not able to get our hands on cyberpowerpc coupons before we bought the present. Hee hee.

I hope your week was off to a good start! Cheers!

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5 Responses to “Pajama Party-Themed Birthday Cake”

  1. Meeya says:

    ang galing mo talaga weng! i wish i had even an eighth of your talent. :) galeng! i’m sure abby had a blast on her birthday! :)


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thank you, Mee!! Abby had a wonderful wonderful time! I’ll make you a custom cake. It’s doable now at medyo malapit-lapit ka na. Hee hee. ;)


  2. Keith says:

    Weng, I agree with Meeya. You are so talented and creative!

    Love your cake creations and this one was extra special because it was Abby’s. The popcorn and bunny slippers were so cute.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Keith! This was indeed very special as it was the first fondant cake I made for Abby. I’m very happy with the cake. :D


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