Fish Balls

As the neighborhood kolehiyalas (female college students)  back home would say, “Let’s make tusuk-tusok (skewer) the fish balls!”  And tonight, I did just that.  I skewered some fish balls!

As expected, these were a hit with hubby and our first grader!  Major beauty points for me yet again! :D

Fish Balls are a popular street food in the Philippines.  Practically everybody eats them, from students to graduates (that includes people on a medical job search) to  yuppies.  Everybody!  And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! ;) Unfortunately, those street balls are highly processed and probably contain very little fish, and that’s if there’s any fish in them at all!  One funny thing about them is that they grow really big while being deep fried and then become flat almost as soon as they’re taken out of the hot hot oil.  Pffft!  Hee hee.

I posted the recipe with photo tutorial for Shrimp and Fish Balls more than a year ago.  That recipe was from a Chinese recipe book.  The recipe I used for these fish balls is the exact same recipe for Steamed Fish Paste Cake (Kamaboko), which is immediately below this entry.  I simply rolled the fish mixture into balls and deep fried ’em.  What I would really like to get my hands on are the recipes for the dipping sauces of the street kind. Or am I better off not knowing what’s exactly in them?  Oh well.

It’s a long weekend for us!  And our restless feet will most probably take us somewhere fun.

Cheers, y’all!  Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

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  1. eric says:

    here is the sauce recipe, saute onion, add water and soy sauce, sugar to taste, corn starch to thicken last is chopped ‘siling labuyo’.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Eric! Thank you so much for the recipe! I’ll give it a try! Cheers!


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