School Week #3 Lunchables

These were the lunchables from the 3rd week of school.  Monday last week was Labor Day so I had a free pass from lunch making. *wink*


Misua/Miswa Soup with Shrimps and Chayotes – My daughter loves Misua Soup and she insists on eating it with rice.  How’s that for carbo loading?  She can eat this all day so whenever I make some, I make a huge batch. ;)


Pasta Alfredo and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Wings – Since school started, I’ve added Short Order Cook to my list of titles, right below Mommy Awesomeness.  Kidding!  :P  I made my own Alfredo Sauce  and the wings were set-aside from Tuesday night’s dinner.  I’ve forgotten how easy it is to make this creamy white sauce.  Now that I remember, no more buying bottled alfredo sauce.  You can find the Alfredo Sauce recipe HERE and the Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe HERE.


Baked Wings –  We eat a lot of chicken, ground turkey and shrimps.  That you probably already know by now.  And my first grader just happen to love wings.  I used the recipe for Baked Hot and Spicy Drumettes but omitted the cayenne pepper and hot sauce.


Hamburger – I cheated on Friday and used store-bought frozen hamburgers.  I used whole grain sandwich thins instead of  hamburger buns.  There are three things my daughter wants in her burger, a bit of mustard, a bit of ketchup and some pickles.  If one of these is missing, you can bet she’ll give you a hard time. ;)

Although you don’t see them in some of the photos, I always include fruit, whether fresh or in light syrup,  in my daughter’s lunches.  Next week, she’ll be having fresh fruits. I hope to sneak in some veggies, too. Promise. :)

I should probably stock up on acne creams.  I’ve got a busy week ahead.  You know what that means, my mixer and oven will once again be hard at work.   But I hope to be in bed at a decent hour every night. It can be done.  Hee hee.  *cross fingers*

Cheers y’all!

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2 Responses to “School Week #3 Lunchables”

  1. abby says:

    yay yay yay!! keep the lunchables coming! i try to do variants of E’s lunches week after week and believe you me, ang hirap maging creative sa isang toddler! thankfully he’s graduating out of the picky eating phase kaya medyo di na ako naiiyak, haha!


  2. aly says:

    The Misua soup looks really tasty! Would it be possible if you could post the recipe? That would be great! Thanks!


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