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While on a California business trip two weeks ago, Hubby casually mentioned during our online chat session that he bought our first grader, a two-layer bento box for $3 . What?! Where?! When?!  3 dollars for a 2-layer bento box?! I assaulted bombarded him with 101-word per minute typed questions…at an elevated heart rate!  You see, to me, $3 is a steal, because the little Japanese grocery store we  occasionally go to sells bento boxes for much much more, which is why I never bought any from them.

Hubby disclosed that he and his colleagues dropped by a Japanese grocery, which, according to hubby, was similar to Dollar Tree (save perhaps for the Baptism invitations?).  I virtually squeezed hubby for more information about the mystery Japanese store.  The store’s name is Daiso Japan.  I immediately went to the store website and found out that Diaso Japan happens to be a big supplier of housewares in Japan.  I continued to assault bombard hubby with questions:  What else do they have?  Do they have anything more for bento making?  They’re a huge store, they should have some bento stuff!  Hubby admitted that indeed, they do have a lot of things for bento making from $1.50 up.  At that point, I wished I were traveling with hubby.  And you can bet I made hubby go back to the store!

From this 3-dollar, 2-layer bento box with a pair of chopsticks, hubby’s original purchase…

…hubby came home with these…

How’s that for an obento showcase?  It’s a blessing that I wasn’t with hubby because for sure, we’ll have ended up with even more stuff!  At least now, I have the things I’ve been wanting to add to my obento inventory…

Dish cups – The three packages on the left are silicone and are freezer, microwave and oven safe.  The package on the right is plastic.  These are only $1.50 per pack.

Obento Picks – Cutie!!!  These are also $1.50 per pack.

Fake Grass and Sauce Containers – I wanted a different type of sauce container (cuter and bigger!), but I was nevertheless happy with  these fish-shaped ones.  I’ve long used up my supply of fake grass.  These are priced at $1.50 each as well.

Another 2-layer bento box! – Just how many do I need?  Ask me again after a shopaholic tells you just how many bags and pairs of shoes she/he needs. Hee hee.  Price tag on this is $6.00.  It’s a little pricier than the first one, but this is of better quality. At the Japanese store we go to here in Austin, a similar bento box goes for more than $15.00.

All these for a little over $20!  The price is indeed right! :)  Hopefully, I will now be inspired to come up with visually appealing lunches. *cross fingers*  I can’t help but wonder, when is hubby’s next business trip to San Jose gonna be? *evil laughter*

Mabuhay, y’all!

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6 Responses to “Obento Showcase”

  1. Meeya says:

    naku baka himatayin ka pag-uwi sa pilipinas :) sa robinson’s galleria, daiso has a huge shop there called Saizen :D all of the items in there are no more than P85! and all of them are so cute!! (japanese ba naman, cute is an understatement, hehe!) so you can just imagine how much i may have spent there (a lot of P85 items add up eventually, haha!).


  2. Quirky Jessi says:

    Holy cow, so cheap! You’re so lucky to have a husband to go back to the store to get all of this for you. I hope you have a list already going for his next trip, hehe.


  3. Maricel says:

    Ha! ha! I go a little crazy as well when I go to a Daiso or Saizen store. Here in the Phil it’s normally P88 per item. Saizen can often be found together with the True Value Hardware. Last time I was there I bought Japanese ceramic bowls for donburi, a special pan for cooking donburi, chopstick rests, a squeeze bottle with 3 nozzles instead of the usual 1 (will try to make roti jala). I also got those soy sauce bottles and fake grass that you have. Love these Japanese stores:) Here is a link if you want to see how the donburi pan looks like:



  4. Keith says:

    Weng, bento addict ka talaga! The items you bought are very nice – and cheap too! I wanted to share that there is also a Daiso store here in the Phils but apparently Meeya and Maricel beat me to it.

    I look forward to seeing all your new creations.


  5. Gracie says:

    we have Daiso here in Dubai, too. it’s one of the first stores i’ve been to when i came here 5 years ago. i swear, whenever we go to Daiso, we end up buying tons of stuff! at sa Daiso lang kami nakakabili ng rice spoon (the one that we use sa rice cooker). i also buy small plastic containers there for toiletries whenever we travel.
    Gracie´s last blog post ..sad musing


  6. abby says:

    weng naman! ang tagal ko na pinupuntahan yung daiso website sa CA pero hindi sila nagshi ship!
    mukhang sa pinas na lang ako bibili!


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