School Week #4 Lunchables

We’re already on the 6th week of school, which means, my weekly postings on lunchables from home is a little behind schedule…not that anybody noticed. Hee hee. :)

Since there might actually be some people who are able to get an idea or two on what to pack for their kids to school through my postings, I shall carry on as usual. *wink*

Monday (September 13th)

My daughter’s school held a Grandparents’ Luncheon on September 13th.  I came to school on behalf of my mom and my in-laws and both my first grader and I had cafeteria food. ;)

And this is why I make every effort to send my daughter to school with a home-prepared lunch…

She picked a slice of pizza and chocolate milk.  The cookie came with her lunch because it was a special day.  But not to worry, she ate most of my lunch anyway…

I had oven-roasted chicken and whole grain biscuit and some pears.  Like I said, my daughter ate just about half of my chicken. :D

Tuesday (September 14th)

Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Shrimps – There are more shrimps beneath all that spaghetti, promise. :)  If it’s pasta she’s having for lunch, I have no problem at all preparing it that very morning.  It takes all of 30 minutes to prepare, anyway.  And yes, I used a jar of pasta sauce.  Will it have any-bearing at all if I say it’s all natural?

Wednesday (September 15th)

Pan-Grilled Chicken Tenders – I almost grabbed a pack of so-called “naked chicken nuggets” at Costco some weeks ago but regained control of my senses before I actually did.  I tell you, those free samples have a way of weaving their magic on yah!  Hee hee.  Anyway, you and I can very ably make our own naked chicken nuggets!

I simply seasoned the chicken tenders with salt and pepper and brushed both sides of each chicken tender with agave nectar (you can use honey, preferably raw and wild!) and had them pan-grilled.  Voila!  My daughter loved it.  She had ranch dressing for her dip. ;)

Thursday (September 16th)

Combination Lomein –  I set aside a portion of the previous night’s dinner for this day’s lunch. :D  Can you tell we’ve been out of fresh fruits for days now? :D

Friday (September 17th)

Crab Sushi – At last, sushi makes an appearance! :)  There was a time when all my daughter wanted to eat for lunch were dimsum or sushi.  That was when she in pre-school.  She’s gotten a bit more adventurous since.

I realize I haven’t posted any recipes in a while.  I have one waiting in the wings. Promise.

Mabuhay, y’all!

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  1. abby says:

    oh wow. cafeteria lunch is pathetic, hehe. :D


  2. Downtown girl says:

    I love your blog :)


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