Swimming-Themed Cake

I do try to avoid posting back-to-back cake entries.  But this cake is from a back-to-back birthday party anyway so I thought y’all wouldn’t mind. :)

Like I mentioned in my Ice Skates cake entry, which is immediately below this one, I made 2 birthday cakes on September 25th for a double birthday celebration.  One was the ice skating-themed as requested by the 8-year old celebrant.  The 10-year old celebrant, for her part, requested a swimming-themed cake.  Photos of the cake, by the way, were taken at the party venue.

The birthday girl, Hannah, wanted a chocolate cake with custard filling.  Wish granted.  She also wanted me to incorporate a gold medal and the olympic rings in the cake design. It kills me a little to look at these pictures and see that one square piece of blue fondant didn’t quite adhere to the side of the cake. Type A personality, I tell yah! :P

Gold medal…check!  Olympic rings…check!  Had I managed my time well, you would see swimmers on the cake, too!  I just ended up telling everybody that the swimmers were still underwater, as they just dove off the pool’s edge. *wink*

The birthday girl is an excellent swimmer.  But I thought it wise to still keep a life-saving device nearby. :D

Towel and flipflops on one corner of the pool.

It would be extremely difficult to get out of the pool if there were no grab rails.  Don’t you agree?!

The blue squares represented swimming pool tiles, but I’m sure you already knew that. :)  The birthday girl’s favorite color, is light blue.

I used decorator icing for the rope and the black lines.

The birthday girls loved their cakes and were every bit proud of them.  You can even ask their mom to confirm!  Hee hee.  And I felt their pride, which was all I needed to forget that I lacked sleep and had a ton of things to wash when I get back home from the party.  *giggles*

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8 Responses to “Swimming-Themed Cake”

  1. Dang says:

    Very good! Winner ka Weng. Love yur cakes. Someday pag bake mo ko huh ;).


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Dang! The very first chance I get, I’ll bake you a cake. Pramis. :)


  2. Pinky says:

    Perfect 10 indeed! WIsh lang namin na you do us the honor of baking our own birthday cakes when you go international and your cake-dom reaches kangaroo land – very soon, we hope! :D

    Take care and God bless! Mwah!
    Pinky´s last blog post ..PPP 9- From Pause to Play


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Pinky! Naku, I don’t know about going international. My cakes haven’t even seen other states! Hahaha! But who knows, diba? :D It is also my wish to make cakes for my pamangkins! Fly me to Oz?! Kayang-kaya! ;) Y’all take care, too. God bless!

    PS: Won’t you wait for us before you fly to Oz?! Pahleez? :) Just pushing my luck. :D


  3. Keith says:

    Type A personality ka talaga, Weng. I did not even notice the small blue tile that did not stick well to the side of the cake until you mentioned it.

    Great job as usual!
    Keith´s last blog post ..Madrid Memories


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Keith! I know, I’ve got this Type A thing really bad. :) I believe I gasped when I saw the cake photos and saw that one blue square that didn’t stick to the side of the cake. Thanks, thanks! :)


  4. Michele says:

    The cake is not only beautiful to look at but also so delicious! We all love the chocolate cake with custard filling! We can’t get enough of it! Her classmates was also amazed to see a fondant icing and someone requested if she can eat the floatation device :) Hannah was very proud of her cake! Thank you for making her day special!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Mimi! What a pleasant surprise! :) You are most welcome. The cakes were a joy to make and I’m so glad the girls liked them. Seeing how proud they were of their cakes made all the work that went into the cakes well worth it. Hannah and Isabelle are so sweet! :)