Green Archer Cake

Last year, I made a Tennis-Themed cake for a friend.  That cake, to my surprise, was mentioned  in an October 20th 2009, article by Sarah Thurmond.  You have to patiently scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to find the 2-liner reference to the said cake…

If you ever need to make a cake for a tennis-loving friend, try this recipe from Munchkin Mommy, who blogs about food at Her cake, which looks amazingly delicious, reminds me of the ones made on the Food Network show “Ace of Cakes.”

That has got to be one of the most heartwarming compliments I received from a total stranger.

On October 2nd, the recipient of last year’s tennis cake celebrated a milestone birthday, his 40th.  I shamelessly volunteered to make him a cake yet again. Hee hee.  But how can I possibly top last year’s cake?  I probably could not, even if I tried really hard.

This year, torn between a basketball-themed cake and a “green” cake, I decided at the very last minute to go for green.  The party theme is green anyway.  And the birthday celebrant, being an alumnus of De La Salle University, is as green as green can be.

There is nothing greener than the DLSU “Green Archer”.  Any greener and I’d say you’re dealing with chlorophyll.  I thought it was an inspired idea.  The birthday celebrant’s nickname is Art, which is just perfect.  Get it?  Green ARTcher?! Hee hee. :P  It was actually hubby who gave me the nudge I needed to finally decide on a Green Archer cake.  He saw the doodles I made and he liked the Green Archer idea the best.  Here’s my sorry-looking sketch…

As is always the case, I made a couple of changes to the final cake.  It’s a wonder I even had a sketch to begin with!

I have an inexplicable fondness for using wires as part of the cake decorations.  I like how it gives the illusion of height, specially for single-tier cakes.  I usually attach fondant/gum paste stars or balls to one end of the wire.  For this cake, I attached arrow heads.  There is fletching at the end of each arrow, too!  Too bad I was not able to take photos. :(

All four sides of the cake were decorated with fondant arrowheads and gum paste stars, all of them sparkly green, the stars specially.

The archer is gum paste, made sparkly with the combination of pearl dust and cake sparkle.  I was afraid the gum paste wasn’t going to dry and harden enough to be able to stand on the cake.  I usually do 2D gum paste cake toppers at least 2 days ahead of party day.  I made this about 6 hours before the party.  I laid the gum paste 2D figure on a baking tray and, with crossed fingers, left it inside the oven, which was turned off, but with the light on. It did dry out in time!  Alleluia!

The cake is a 4-layer Boston Cream Cake, with alternating chocolate ganache and custard filling.  The cake is a little dense, like a pound cake.  It would be perfect for sculpting. ;)

I’d like to think the birthday celebrant liked his cake.  He would have probably liked it more if one of the arrows caught a blue-colored bird.  But no, I didn’t want to incur the ire of the Katipunan Avenue-based university.   Hee hee. :P

Having done this Green Archer cake, I feel I owe it to my alma mater to come up with a glowing, growling, golden cake.  Perhaps sometime in 2011, when we celebrate 400 years of unending grace. ;)

Mabuhay, y’all!

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  1. leirs says:

    wow!!! ganda nang cake mo.. Ikaw na ang Ace of Cakes sa Texas!!!


  2. Joy says:

    Very Cute
    Joy´s last blog post ..A Happy Happy Birthday


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