School Week #5 Lunchables

I am so behind with my lunchables entries.  I hope to get a lot of them out of the way this week. *cross fingers*

Here are some lunch ideas from the 5th week of school (September 20th-24th).  This was the week I got to use my new obento supplies. ;)

Shrimp Siumai Bento

It’s no secret my first grader loves dimsum.  I won’t ever mind making this for her everyday so long as the containers come back empty as they always do.  This was my favorite lunch from this week.  I love the colors of the fruit balls and how everything just fit in the container perfectly.

Turkey Longanisa Bento

If this were my own lunch, I’d love a fried egg in it and some tomato slices.  But for some reason, my daughter has no interest in tomatoes and has  somehow lost interest in eggs, except when they’re in the form of flan. :)  She’d love to have vinegar for her dipping sauce but we don’t want unnecessary “commotion” in the lunch room.  So no vinegar! :D

Shrimp Siumai Bento…Again!

What can I say?  My daughter loves this stuff!  :D

Shrimp Dumplings Bento

It’s practically the same as shrimp siumai but “dressed” differently. :D

Chicken Sausage Bento

Talk about lack of effort and imagination.  Hee hee.  This was my least favorite lunch for this week.

I should probably start using my daughter’s lunch containers for my own lunches.  Lunches this size will keep from ever having to think about takingDiet pills that work fast….not that I ever thought of taking any. Hee hee. :P

I hope you’re all having a good week so far!


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  1. hail the dumplings! I’ve started liking dumplings in Grade 4 but a First grader?! Wow.

    May I ask what the orange and red balls are? They look yummy.

    We should really start bringing lunch to school/work. Not only are we assured that the food we’re eating is clean, we can also save money and maintain diet.

    Thank you for the idea of posting your daughters’ bento lunch. I’ll try to do the same. Not that I’m copying you. My blog requires me to eat out often so I can’t really appreciate packed lunch but once in a while, maybe I’ll have packed desserts.


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