My Little Pony Cake

| November 19, 2010

We went on a road trip last weekend to visit long time dear friends who live just outside of Dallas.  I could not resist making and bringing along a cake for my girl friend’s daughter, who adores Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony.  Besides, it’s not very often that I get to make something for […]

2-Tiered Lego-Inspired Cake

| November 18, 2010

Two weeks ago, I made a 2-tiered Lego-inspired birthday cake for the 6th birthday of a dear friend’s son.  It was my second time to make a Lego-inspired birthday cake.  The first one,  a 6-inch round cake, I made 2 months ago.  You can see it HERE. The birthday boy knew what he wanted for […]

Chocolate and Flowers

| November 18, 2010

My daughter’s teacher celebrated her birthday last month, coinciding with the class’ Halloween activities. While Halloween is not celebrated in school with a party, teacher’s birthdays are. ;) Much to the kids’ delight, they got away with Halloween cupcakes (because it’s the teacher’s birthday!).  I made my daughter’s teacher a simple birthday cake.  I wanted […]

Nagoya Steak and Sushi

| November 11, 2010

Every chance we get to go out on a lunch date, hubby and I will most often choose to go to a Japanese restaurant, to take advantage of lunch deals.  The time of day one chooses to eat at a restaurant makes a lot of difference as far as price is concerned.  Dinner entrees at […]

Halloween Cupcakes

| November 9, 2010

I know Halloween is so 10 days ago, so bear with me as I get another one of my long overdue entries out of the way. I baked and decorated over 7 dozen cupcakes on Halloween weekend.  Half of them were Vanilla Chiffon while  the other half were Sugar Yam cupcakes. Here are the Vanilla […]