Life’s a Beach

During the last couple of days, my mind’s been flooded with thoughts of the beach.  And I can tell you that winter is not going to stop me from going to the beach for real.  How, where and when?  Well, the specifics will just have to wait.  One thing’s for sure though, I will not be applying any of the best tanning lotions on myself.  As it is, I already look like I’ve been exposed to the sun too much. Hee hee.

Our last trip to the beach was in August, our annual beach expedition with our friends.  We stayed at the beach for several days and each family in the excursion took turns cooking meals for everybody, usually 2 main dishes and a dessert good for 20.

For lunch one day, we made over  left-over Binagoongang Baboy (Pork with Shrimp Paste) and cooked white rice and turned them into Thai Bagoong Rice…

I had fun making this with my two gal pals, who are both home chefs in their own right. ;)  For the Bagoong Rice how-to, click HERE.

During my family’s assigned day to make lunch, I prepared two very simple dishes and an equally simple dessert…Pan-Grilled Tilapia with a side of Green Mango Salad, Chicken Curry and Strawberry and Banana Napoleones.

I didn’t want to spend so much time in the  kitchen, thus, the menu choices.  The tilapia fillets were simply seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed with organic blue agave then pan-grilled for but a few minutes.

I had a wonderful sous chef, my friend V, who sliced the mangoes and tomatoes beautifully.  All I did was mix them with shrimp paste and voila, Green Mango Salad!

This is the only photo I have of the Chicken Curry…

We served ourselves straight from the pot it was cooked in.

For dessert, I deep fried some wontons, sprinkled some sugar on them and then topped each with store bought whipped topping (Cool Whip!) and a slice of banana and strawberry.

Here, have some…

Click HERE for the Strawberry Napoleones how-to.

Like I always say, meals don’t always have to be a huge production number. ;)

Cheers y’all!

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  1. Raymund says:

    Wow masarap na baon to sa beach, I miss those green mango salad, its so hard to find green mangoes here in New Zealand so sometimes we use granny smith apples as a replacement.
    Raymund´s last blog post ..Pan Grilled Spiced Honey Pork


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