Pilipinas Food Trip #6: Puto’t Kutsinta

Two more reasons why I like driving by White Plains/Katipunan Avenues, puto (steamed rice cakes) and kutsinta (brown rice cakes).  The first reason, of course, is Lapid’s Freshly Popped Chicharon. :P

Puto and kutsinta come in different kinds and sizes.  This particular kind of puto is called “puto calasiao”.  I am addicted to this puto!  If I eat any more, I just might end up in one of several  california rehab treatment centers, that’s if they treat puto addiction at all! :D

I was pleasantly surprised when the puto-kutsinta vendor said the price for puto/kutsinta is 3 (brown bags) for P100.00, the same price from 3 years ago!  When we got home, I realized after transferring the puto and kutsinta to a plate that the little brown bags are now just half-filled.  Oh well.  Everything just costs too much nowadays.  But I’d still buy 3 bags of these for a hundred pesos! ;)


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