Pilipinas Food Trip #7: Sorbetes

“Mamang Sorbetero, tayo’y sumayaw; kalembang mong hawak, muling ikaway; batang munti, sa ‘yo’y naghihintay; bigyang ligaya ngayong tag-araw”

And so goes the Celeste Legaspi song.  Sorbetes is Filipino ice cream.   It is not sorbet and is supposed to be made with coconut milk.  Oh, and for the full sorbetes experience, buy it from the Mamang Sorbetero (ice cream vendor) pushing his sorbetes cart in and around neighborhoods, kling-klanging a bell in one hand to announce his arrival. *wink*

We bought our sorbetes from 2 mamang sorbeteros, which allowed us to enjoy 4 different sorbetes flavors.  Ube (purple yam) and melon (cantaloupe)…

Keso (cheese) and buco pandan…

You can have your sorbetes in a cup, on a wafer or sugar cone or as filling in a bun for a refreshing sorbetes sandwich. Yum!

You must be scared for the health and safety of my family with all the street food entries I’ve been posting.  Don’t be.  Don’t underestimate the “power” of Filipino street foods!  They actually strengthen the immune system against germs and what nots.  Hee hee. :D

Taho, check.  Sorbetes, check.  Now, where’s the elusive fishball vendor?

Mabuhay, y’all!

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