Pilipinas Food Trip #9: The Stock Market

It’s now 6:30am.  I’ve been awake since 4am, which was when I allowed myself to look at my watch.  That’s jetlag for you. We’re back in Texas and I have 30 days worth of Pilipinas food tripping to post.

My daughter is wide awake as well.  And we’re both hungry.  All I could think about is the Champorado with Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Ice Cream, which I had for dessert and thoroughly enjoyed at The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street…

This is the best champorado I’ve ever had in years.  Never mind that it’s the priciest, too!  I told myself, I’m never having champorado any other way again.  Like the art prints of the Louvre, this dessert made a lasting impression on me.

So I’m buying raspberry ice cream and belgian chocolate when I find myself at the supermarket, which should be real soon.  I’m glad I convinced hubby to have this dessert and share it with me.  He’s also glad he gave in to my gentle prodding. :)  The champorado was thick, just the way he likes it.

In addition to champorado, hubby and I shared another dessert, Suman sa Lihiya with Mango Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce on the side…

How, tell me, can you go wrong with that combination?  You just can’t!  Yummm-eeeee!  Like the champorado, this is the priciest suman and ice cream I’ve ever had.  Talk about high-end panghimagas (dessert!). I have to learn to make suman and the lihiya.  And I will!  I just need to get my cooking mojo back.

Thank you to my girl friends from college, D, I and D who introduced us to these sinfully updated favorite Filipino snacks/desserts. *muah*

I’ve got so many personal cooking projects lined up.  I’m excited! ;)


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