Tilapia sa Taba ng Talangka (Tilapia Fillets in Crab Fat)

I am taking a pause from my Pilipinas Food Trip entries to share with you the quick and simple but nonetheless yummy dish I prepared for lunch two days ago.  I have to tell you, it had hubby and me on “Claude 9“.  *wink*  I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help of my new found bottled friend…

I may not know artist-writer-chef Claude Tayag personally but I sure am glad I am now friends with his bottled pure crab fat!  I have a close family friend to thank for tipping me about this 7-0z, heavenly goodness in a bottle.  I have been crazy about crab fat since I was a little girl.  And I can’t thank God enough for parents and grandparents who fed my brother and me well!

On top of my “must buy” list when we came home to the Philippines for the holidays is bottled crab fat.  We bought 2 jars of Claude 9 Pure Crab Fat at Unimart.  At P332.50 (about $7.55) per 7 0z. (200 g) jar, it’s not exactly cheap.  But, and here’s the big but, it has no MSG, no preservatives and is 100% pure.  You can tell it’s pure crab fat all right because it’s not quite the bright orange the other bottled crab fat are.

I can have a fully satisfying  meal with just crab fat and rice mixed together and sprinkled with a little vinegar, weird as that may sound.  But last Monday, inspired by the Sugpo sa Taba ng Talangka we so enjoyed at Abe, I made Tilapia sa Taba ng Talangka…

Ideally, the tilapia fillets should be drowning in crab fat, just like the unforgettable prawn dish we had at Abe.  You have to understand though, that I have to make my 2 jars of crab fat last for as long as I can possibly can. Hee hee.

To make these, I simply seasoned the tilapia fillets with sea salt and freshly ground pepper and fried them in a pan brushed with a little bit of oil.  After both sides of the fillets were done, I transferred them to a serving platter and, using the same pan,  proceeded to heat some of the crab fat I’ll be needing to top the fillets with.  And that’s it!  It’s not a Michelin star worthy recipe, but…

I can have this everyday…but I won’t because I know what’s good for me.  If only a diet rich in crab fat will help me lose stubborn belly fat.  Wishful thinking. *sigh*


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