Lunchables 2011-#1

In case anybody’s wondering, yes, I still prepare lunchables for my first grader…on most days. :)  Mornings can get a tad too crazy leaving me with very little or no time at all to take photos.  Here are some that I remembered to take photos of recently.

Turkey Siomai Bento

This was the first lunch I packed for my daughter for 2011 after coming back from our vacation.

Siomai lunch bentos are far less alien than acsonix to those who get to visit this blog on a regular basis. Siomai has always been one of my daughter’s favorite lunch-time staples.  I was thrilled to find a stash of turkey siomai in the freezer.  What a time saver! As a special back-to-school treat, I included 2 pieces of pastillas in my daughter’s lunch. *wink*

Spinach Nuggets Bento

I finally got around to making spinach nuggets one evening and saved enough for the following day’s school lunch.

Spinach has a way of ending up looking so unattractive – which is what happens with my stuffed mushrooms and which is what happened to some of these nuggets when I made them for dinner.  I discovered that a good trick is to roll them in bread crumbs.  I will post the recipe for the spinach nuggets in the next few days. *cross fingers*

Chinese New Year Bento

Our dear friends invited us for dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year.  We went home with some of the food  from the evening’s very filling dinner.  That means, instant school lunch for the next day.  Hee hee.

Those are crispy fried shrimp balls.  I also included a slice of Flan Cake for my daughter’s dessert in addition to the fresh fruits.

And that’s all the lunchables I have for you…for now. :)

TGIF!  Mabuhay, y’all!


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  1. Parsley Sage says:

    These are brilliant! Hopefully your daughter realizes how awesome those lunchables are :)


  2. I don’t have a little one and I’m usually at home for lunch, but I want to pack a bento now!! Your daughter must be the envy of her class for these fantastic lunch boxes. 8-)
    Tangled Noodle´s last blog post ..Fork in the Road- Oregon Hors dOeuvres


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