Pilipinas Food Trip #13: Leche Flan Cake

During one of our trips to the Eastwood Mall, my mom bought a gorgeous looking leche flan cake from one of the food booths on the lobby of the mall’s 2nd floor…

I believe the price tag on this was P200.00, close to $5.00.  The cake was fluffy and the flan, heavenly.  I’ve always been curious about leche flan cake and how it’s made.  It’s been years since I tasted flan on a cake.  Growing up, I remember buying a slice from one of the neighborhood bakeshops (bakeries as we call them!).

I have since successfully made my own Leche Flan Cake.  But that’s a separate blog entry altogether. I think I’m ready for thermogenic fat burners, what with all the sweets I’ve been consuming. Well, maybe not. :D

Mabuhay, y’all!

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