Pilipinas Food Trip #14: Gelatissimo

One of the better desserts we had during our vacation in the Philippines was at  Gelatissimo in uber posh Greenbelt 5.  The funny thing is, Gelatissimo is an Australian company.  Once you get over that tiny bit of fact, you can go ahead and gastronomically transport yourself to Italy via their gelato. ;)

I instantly fell in love with Gelatissimo’s gelato display.  At first glance, it’s no different from most ice cream window display. Oh but there is one very obvious difference! In addition to the labels that let people know a gelato’s flavor, there is an actual representation for each flavor…

See what I mean?  I think it’s very smart. Hee hee.  It doesn’t take Mensa-level IQ to recognize the flavors!

There’s apple pie, green apple, lime and vanilla.

There’s also peach orange yogurt, guava, lemon and green tea.

Can you guess the other flavors?  There’s biscottino, white chocolate, Veronese chocolate, tiramisu, roasted almond, original chocolate and creme caramel.

There’s American chocolate and chili chocolate.  I knew right away that I wanted the chili chocolate.

Because two scoops are better than one, I had a scoop each of tiramisu and chili chocolate.  I loved my choices, specially the chili chocolate!

Hubby had biscottino.

If you’d rather have something warm, you can go ahead and have some cappuccino.

It was my first visit to Greenbelt 5.   I imagine the restaurants there are filled with yuppies and their custom laptops during lunch time. I can hang-out at G5 all day with my laptop as well…and not buy anything!

I can’t wait to attempt to make my own homemade chili chocolate ice cream.  It’s been a while since we put our ice cream maker to work. My “must try at home list” just got longer. Haha!

I had a fun fun weekend.  I hope you did, too!

Mabuhay, y’all!


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  1. Parsley Sage says:

    Chili Chocolate!? My mind has trouble processing this…

    Great post tho :)
    Parsley Sage´s last blog post ..Cayman Cold Snap


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Parsley Sage! I know what you mean! But I love spicy food and I love chocolate so I was very eager to sample this gelato flavor. And guess what! It was love at first bite! Hee hee.


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