Lunchables 2011 #2: Shrimp Omelet and Beef Siomai

I am constantly cooking these days and constantly thinking of what to cook next.  It’s insane!  I have finally broken free from a very long lazy spell, at least, as far as cooking in concerned.  Having said that, my daughter’s been having home-prepared lunch at school almost everyday now.  Bento lunch making has once again become like a production job for me on school mornings.

Here are two of the lunchables I prepared for my daughter last week:

Shrimp Omelet Bento

How is this different from battered shrimp dishes I’ve made before?  This is a Korean recipe.  I will post the recipe in the next few days.  Promise!  See that ball with a cute yellow pick in it?  That’s a yema (custard) ball. My daughter confessed when she came home that day she had this for lunch that she ate the yema ball first before anything else.  Tsk, tsk! But being a dessert lover myself, I understand why she’d go for dessert first. Haha!

Beef Siomai Bento

I’ve made shrimp, turkey, shrimp and pork dimsum before.  This was the first time I made beef siomai/shumai. I will have to post the recipe on a separate blog entry. :)

I am ready for Monday’s school lunch.  I should be ready for the rest of the week as well. *cross fingers*

Have a great week ahead y’all!  cheers and mabuhay!


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  1. Parsley Sage says:

    These are just so cool!
    Parsley Sage´s last blog post ..An Evening at Osetra Bay


  2. […] too long ago, I featured a Shrimp Omelet Bento in one of my lunchable entries.  I am now finally making good on my promise to post the recipe.   […]

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