Spaghetti in Creamy Aligue (Crab Fat) Sauce

We had a party-filled weekend, which was just wonderful and at the same time a tad challenging for my meat deprived husband and me.  But we did pretty good keeping to veggies and seafood and sometimes resorting to picking meat out of noodle dishes.  We did gorge on yummy, heavy, meatless desserts! Hee hee.  I can smell Easter…and the grill! *sniff sniff*

Last Thursday, I prepared a very simple yet sinfully hearty lunch for hubby and me…Spaghetti in Creamy Aligue (Crab Fat) Sauce.

Thanks to my crab fat stash, which is now down to 1 jar (hu! hu! hu!), lunch was ready in just 15 minutes.  It would have been ready sooner if it were angel hair pasta that was available in my pantry.

To make, I simply emptied the contents of an 8 oz. jar of crab fat (plus the remaining contents of an already opened jar sitting in the fridge – about a quarter of the jar) in a hot pan and added a cup of heavy cream, a tablespoon or two of cooking wine and a sprinkling of lemon juice and stirred and simmered everything for a few minutes.  I tossed the cooked spaghetti in the sauce and voila, lunch was ready.  Hard as hubby and I tried to limit our food intake, we just couldn’t help having seconds.  We could always buy 7 day slimming pill. Kidding! We did save some spaghetti  for our daughter, who herself had 2 helpings of the spaghetti in its creamy crab fat sauce.

Here’s a not so subtle hint for anybody planning to visit us from the Philippines anytime soon:  jars of crab fat would make us very happy and grateful hosts.  Hee hee. :D

Cheers and have a great week ahead y’all!  Mabuhay!


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5 Responses to “Spaghetti in Creamy Aligue (Crab Fat) Sauce”

  1. thess says:

    Hi Weng!!!!!!!!!!! sobrang tili talaga yan kasi long time no C!
    I haven’t tasted spaghetti prepared this way, but I’m salivating from just imagining the taste, ayayay! Bitbit mo ba from Pinas yung crab fat?
    Sending you 3 love from Holland.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Thess!!!!! Yes, yes, long time no see! :) You have to taste pasta with aligue sauce. May bitbit kaming 4 jars ng aligue from Pinas. We should have brought more!!! Sending you back lots of love from Texas! *muah*


  2. Faith says:

    uwaaaa! guilty pleasure!


  3. abby says:

    aaackk gusto ko to!!!


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