Belles of the Ball: Princess Dresses Mini Cakes

I’ve been kind of obsessing over mini cakes that resembled formal dresses ever since I saw Cupcake Envy’s  Amy Eilert in action during a rerun of the Mardigras episode of Challenge on the Food Network channel a couple of weeks ago.  She made dresses out of mini dome-shaped cakes which were just lovely and looked like so much fun to make.  I kept telling myself I have got to give making mini cake dresses a try.

I found an excuse to finally make them when one of my gal pals asked if I can make a princess-themed cake for her daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Naturally, I said yes!  I thought it would be a good idea to have mini cake princess dresses as cake toppers.  I asked my friend which princess dresses she would like to see on the cake.  She chose three.  See if you can recognize them…


All the dress tops were gumpaste.  I made a template for each, making sure they looked  just right and not too skinny that they looked like they had one too many doses of OxyElite Pro. I cut the dress tops out of gumpaste 3 days before the party.  Come party day, they were dry and ready to be “inserted” into the cakes.  For good measure, I made 2 tops for each princess dress, just in case I  had the misfortune of breaking one, which, thankfully,  I didn’t. Whew!  These were all pound cakes.  They were dense but not dry. *wink*

The mini cakes were small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and good for 2 servings. My favorite of the three was Snow White’s…

I love love how this turned out.  The skirt was a gorgeous yellow. :)

My second favorite was Aurora’s better known as Sleeping Beauty…

The dress had two shades of pink and unlike the other two, it was long-sleeved and off-shoulder.  Fit for a mini princess, if I may say so myself. Hee hee.

My third favorite was Cinderella’s…

It was a nice shade of blue.  It was the simplest to make and the simplest looking of the three.

I would have loved to make Belle’s dress.  But it looked like a lot of work.  It’s a good thing my friend didn’t choose that dress.  Haha!

Mini cakes like these have a lot of “potential”.  *Kaching! Kaching!*  I was surprised to see how much one sells for online.  Having said that, I hope it is God’s will that this be the year that the Texas Baker’s Bill is passed.  Pray with me, will you please?

I can’t wait to show you the birthday cake.  That’s a separate blog entry all together. And it’s coming up next.  Promise.

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  2. Joy says:

    Those look great. They are adorable.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Canonigo–A deconstructive Braso de Mercedes


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