Princess-Themed Cake for a 3rd Birthday

Consider this the continuation, if you will, of my Princess Dresses Mini Cakes post, which is right below this entry.  I first made a princess-themed cake in September 2010.  There’s so many ways one can play with a princess theme, which is why they’re so much fun to make. And where custom cakes are concerned, no two princess-themed cakes will be the same, the operative words being “custom cakes”.  That goes for any other theme one can think of. *wink*

This is the second time I made a birthday cake for this particular birthday girl.    Last year, I made a Sesame Street-themed birthday cake for her.  I cringe now when I see that cake. *cringe*  Admittedly, it wasn’t my proudest cake decorating moment.  Although that time, I thought it wasn’t so bad.  Also, it was from a period in time when I never even dared think of making my own cake toppers.  I was hoping to redeem myself with this year’s cake.

The square cake was Chocolate Chiffon with Homemade Strawberry Filling. The princess dresses mini cakes took their places on the 10-inch square cake.  I’ve so far done mini cakes that appealed to women: purses and dresses.  I should probably do a mini cake of arturo fuente cigars next. Hee.

Between you and me, I only thought of incorporating a castle in the over-all cake design the day before the party. Hence, the turrets and the flags .  Shhhh.  And like the many cake decorators before me, I used ice cream cones.  If I can help it, I want my decorations to be edible.

The regular flat bottomed ice cream cones with the brick pattern had pound cake in them.  With the mini cakes on top of the square cake, this cake could easily serve 35.  The pointy sugar cones didn’t have cake in them.  If I had more time, I would have mixed some pound cake with buttercream and scooped them into the sugar cones.  For the next princess cake perhaps?  The kids didn’t seem to mind though.  After the birthday candle was blown, kids walked away from the cake table with the turrets and the fondant tile-covered sugar cones.  So cute! Hee hee.

My daughter had a princess cake for her 4th birthday.  I wasn’t into cake decorating yet that time.  When she saw this cake, I felt just a tad guilty when she said, “Awww.  How come my princess cake wasn’t like that?”  Yes, that’s my girl.  She’s gotten into the habit of comparing the cakes I make with the birthday cakes she’s had previously.  Tsk, tsk.

I guess for now, I can safely say that I’ve redeemed myself and made it up to the birthday girl.  She didn’t want to share the princess mini cakes with anybody. I wouldn’t! Hahaha! Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess K!  Kisses from Tita Munchkin Mommy! *muah*

One more thing, you can find the pound cake recipe HERE.

Cheers, y’all!

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    The cake looks great.


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