Cutie Monkey Diaper Cake

I received a rather amusing thoughtful email from Facebook yesterday:

Hi Munchkin Mommy,

You haven’t been back to Facebook recently. You have received notifications while you were gone. (followed by a list of notifications)

The Facebook Team

Awww, how sweet.  Hee hee.  It’s the second such email I received since I turned my back on FB for Lent. *wink*  There might be a few who think I’m cheating because my blog feeds still appear on my profile.  Well I have two words to explain that:  Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs automatically publishes my blog feeds to my profile on my behalf.  I don’t even have to log-in. :)

Funny how much time was freed once I stopped stalking other people.  I even finished putting together two diaper cakes a good week ahead of baby showers I was bringing them to!

Here’s one of the calorie-free cakes, partner of the Crib Cake immediately below this entry…


It was two years ago when I made my first diaper cake.  This diaper cake was made up of 50 size-2 diapers.

I got a 4-piece set of baby girl apparel to use as cake decorations.  The bonnet, I used as a topper. ;)  I stuffed it with tissue, the ones used for gift wrapping.

I wrapped one of the PJ bottoms around the top tier.

Teeny weenie clothespin clips were used to secure them.  Onesies were wrapped around the bottom tier, while scrapbooking paper was used to wrap around the diapers on the second tier.

I also got some baby socks and rolled them to look like flowers.  Lovely, lovely!

Baby showers make me an easy target for teasing, having only one contribution to the world population.  It’s ok though.  I’ve mastered the art of turning a deaf ear to gentle suggestions that we should have another child.  Shhhh.  If God wills it…it will come.  Hopefully, way before I should be thinking about medicare supplement plans. :D

More baby-related entries coming your way, perhaps within the day. I’ve got time, you know. ;)

Cheers and mabuhay! :)

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