Pilipinas Food Trip #15: Fish Out of Water

Here’s a nice little break from cakes for all of you.  What do you say I take y’all back with me to the Philippines for a gastronomic food trip.  Fasten your seatbelts!  I take that back. The more appropriate thing to say in this case  is, “Loosen your belts!”  Here we go!

One of the most noteworthy meals we had during our Philippine vacation was at Fish Out of Water at the posh Greenbelt 5 and for very good reasons:  good food and one of the best company.  Our cousins (hubby’s actually…my cousins-in-law!) treated us to a yummy feast of Filipino dishes that were familiar and new at the same time.

For starters, we had Chicharon Bulaklak…

Ooh la la!  We haven’t had these in the length of time we’ve been away.  That’s close to four years!  I found Wikipedia’s definition of chicharon bulaklak very amusing:

“It is made from (deep fried) mesenteries of pig intestines and has a bulaklak or flower appearance.”

Click here for the definition of mesenteries. I could have eaten an entire plate of these.  But that’s a heart attack waiting to happen so I didn’t.

So we wouldn’t feel too guilty about the chicharon, we had Cebuano Danggit Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

That’s my danggit fix right there!  Danggit is salted dried fish that is fried to a crisp.  It is actually perfect with garlic fried rice, eggs and tomatoes or vinegar. Yum!

We sure love oysters so we had some Manila Rockefeller Oysters

These were baked with saluyot (jute), cream and bacon bits.  I normally just prefer plain steamed oysters but how can you say no to cream and bacon? You  just can’t!

Believe it or not, we ate several whole crabs.  They were not the king or Alaskan kind though…

Crispy Shrimps and Crablets.  There sure was a crunch in every bite. Hee hee.

We were all game that night, so we decided to order something game-y, Cagayanon Ostrich Salpicao

I believe it was the first time I had ostrich meat.  It wasn’t bad at all!  Salpicao is the perfect way have ostrich meat.  It was garlicky and buttery.  Then again, everything tastes good with butter! *wink*

Unfortunately, the restaurant only had enough ostrich meat for one serving.  So we settled  for the next logical choice of protein…beef (Beef Salpicao)!

At first glance, the beef salpicao didn’t look too different from the ostrich salpicao.  They do differ in color, and of course, in taste.

How many deep fried dishes have we had so far?  Why don’t we throw one more in the mix, Deep Fried Fish with Chili Mango Sauce

It tasted as good as it looked.  If only we could have this as often as we liked and I mean with somebody other than me doing the cooking.

Last but not the least, we had a very tender Twice Cooked Pork Belly

It was saucy, moist and served with quail eggs.

To wash down all that glorious food, I had Dalandan Juice.

Hubby, on the other hand, had something “light” from the  patron saint of Filipino men – San Miguel…

I’m glad we got to add Fish Out of Water to our Pilipinas Food Trip List.  The place was pretty upscale, being in an upscale location and all.  I thought it was classy until the servers started singing Happy Birthday to the beat of what I believe to be kitchen utensils.  It was a Singing Cooks and Waiters- slash- Ihaw-Ihaw, Kaldero-Kaldero moment. Hee hee.

For dessert, we had gelato at another establishment. :)

Thank you again, cousins, for a wonderful night.  We hope to show y’all a good time when you come visit us.  Your cowboy hats and cowboy/ equestrian boots are ready and waiting.  Yeehaaa! ;)

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  1. Faith says:

    i agree, plain steamed oysters are the best, but cream and oysters are the perfect guilty pleasure….


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