Angry Birds Cake Toppers

Happy Easter Monday, y’all!  We had a wonderful wonderful Easter celebration with our friends – our Texas family – yesterday. I have four words to describe our feast, MAJOR PIG OUT DAY. Hubby and I sure ended our meatless Lent with a bang! Weee!

I believe I mentioned that for Lent, I stopped playing Angry Birds on the IPhone, just one of my little Lenten sacrifices.  But, I did get to play the game via another media, fondant and gumpaste. *wink*

I made these for the 2 kids of a California-based friend of mine who had an Angry Birds-themed back-to-back birthday party yesterday.  I thought these will make for a better birthday present than personalized pajamas. :) You probably can already tell I had so much fun making these.

My friend made 3 cakes for her kids: one 6-inch square cake each for the kids and one 2-tiered main cake.  Based on the initial sketch my friend sent me, these were the toppers that were to go on the top tier of the main cake…

Here’s another look at the angry birds…

These are the decorations that were to go on the bottom tier of the main cake…

For the cake of the 7-year old celebrant, these were the cake toppers…

It was the birthday girl’s request to have a pig with a pink bow on her cake.  I wish I could have made a more “refined” and more realistic-looking dynamite boxes. Time management issues! Hee hee!

For the cake of the 11-year old birthday celebrant, these were the cake toppers,

Among all these toppers, this was my favorite of all…

…black-eyed pig with a cracked helmet. Hee hee.

My 40-day Angry Birds and Facebook fast has made me lose just the tiny bit of interest on both of them.  Or so I think. I can’t say the same for meat though. :P.

Have a great week ahead, y’all!  Cheers and mabuhay!

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16 Responses to “Angry Birds Cake Toppers”

  1. Vanne says:

    Galing-galing talaga Weng! They were a big hit at the party. My guests took a lot of pictures of the cakes. Sikat na sikat ka tuloy haha!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Vanne! I’m very happy to hear that the cake toppers turned out to be a big hit. It’s very rarely that I get to make cakes (in your case, toppers!) for friends I’ve known pre-Texas. ;) It was my pleasure doing the toppers for Nate and Jules…and you, of course! *muah*


  2. Weng, I want to order!!!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Mimi! Awww, you can make these! It’s like playing with clay/play-doh! ;)


  3. kathleen says:


    I love your angry birds cake toppers!!! My son is turning 4 this weekend (May 14) and I he has been asking for an angry birds cake. Do you accept orders? How about if I order an angry birds cake? small lang. Please send me details in my email address.



    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Kathleen! Thank you for leaving a comment. The big question is, where are you located? :)


  4. OSeñorita says:

    Galing!!! So cute! I’m also an Angry Bird fan. I love all of your cake toppers. So detailed. Even the dynamite box looks okay.


  5. Denise says:

    Do you still have these available or is there anyway you can make more?


  6. denise says:

    im interested in your agnry birds edible toppers, how much is per set and can you send to Bacolod?


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Denise! Thank you for your interest in the Angry Birds cake toppers. I made these as a present for the kids of a very good friend, who had an Angry Birds-themed party. Unfortunately, I can’t send them to Bacolod. :( I am based in the US. Thanks again!


  7. princess says:

    hi there! i waas searching for recipe how to make angry bird cupcake topper for my cousin’s birthday. lucky me i found yours. could you please help me how to make.. salamat ng marami!


  8. Lacey says:


    I’m interested in your angry bird cake toppers. Can you ship to the Dallas, Texas area? Please send me an email if possible!




  9. Miranda says:

    I would like to buy these from you as well. Can you send them to Dallas?


  10. Lynn says:

    Good Morning,
    My favorite is the Girl Pig with the pink bow, totally makes me smile. We in my house are Angry Bird fanatics so of course I am having a surprise angry bird party for my soon to be 7 year old…I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and ask if you will take an order, how much would it cost and can you ship to New Jersey by February 20th?

    you truly are talented !!



  11. Maggy says:

    Hi! i love your angry bird cake toppers, all of them! i know i´m asking you this a year later, but please tell me can i buy some of this? i need it for my kids party they´re both so fan of angry birds; unfortunately i live in La Paz, Mexico jajaja but i guess that´s possible.. well if you agree so..
    Anyway, can you send me an email? because here no one can made this cute figures like you! Tkx!