Hawaiian-Themed Cupcakes for End-of-School Party

I’ve been hopelessly trying to get this entry posted. This time, I’ll get it done! Summer is keeping me busy, I’m telling yah!

My daughter’s class had a Hawaiian sort of thing going for the last week of school. School ended last June 3, in case you’re wondering.  On their year end party, the class had a luau. The kids came to school in board shorts, floral dresses, sunglasses and flipflops. They all had leis and were just too cute!  I brought some cupcakes, of course! I had to somehow make up for the store-bought cupcakes I brought to school a few days before the year-end party. I have since forgiven myself…I think. :D

For the girls, I topped the cupcakes with little flowers, a starfish, an umbrella and a little brown sugar (for sand effect).

The umbrellas were really a last minute addition. I requested hubby to buy them for me at Party City.  I’m glad I added the umbrellas. I think they gave the cupcakes a more summer-y feel.  Plus, the kids loved them!

For the boys, I made fondant surfboards, which, unfortunately, did not dry/harden quickly enough.  That’s what I get for waiting until the morning of the party to make them! :P

Nevertheless, the kids (boys and girls alike!) loved them.  They all thanked me for the cupcakes, which they thought were awesome. I really love those kids! They always tell the truth! Haha! :D

I’ve been cooking and baking again these last couple of days, and with renewed vigor, too! :) I’m almost tempted to say that I’m inspired!  Well, I am! :)

Keep cool, y’all!  Mabuhay!

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  1. JO says:

    these are really cool… and looks so yummmy.


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