We are now on our second week of school. And I am happy to report that we have now pretty much settled into a groove. Yay!  So I am back making and packing lunches for my now 2nd grader. Much as I want to come up with “cute” looking lunches as I have a plethora of containers and accessories (that have gone through a Honeywell Barcode Scanner, in other words – bought with hard-earned money!) purposely for that. I found myself mostly using a food jar that keeps food warm for upto 5 hours. One can only do so much with a round food jar. My daughter’s lunch time staples are rice and a viand – ulam, as we say it in Filipino – which is why it’s important that her food is kept warm. Unlike when she was in pre-school, my daughter doesn’t have the luxury of having her food re-heated.

Having said all that, here’s the week that was in home-prepared school lunches.

Day 1 – Sweet and Spicy Shrimps with Brown Rice and Fresh Cherries

The Sweet and Spicy Shrimps was specially requested by my daughter. I, of course, obliged. ;)

Day 2 – Steamed Brown Rice topped with Stir-Fried Chayotes and Ground Turkey

My daughter absolutely loves stir-fried chayotes. The fruit component of the lunch was sliced super sweet cantaloupe.

Day 3 – Chicken Curry and Brown Rice

Chicken Curry is another one of my daughter’s favorite dishes. She likes anything with coconut milk. *wink* She once again had sliced cantaloupe completing the lunch ensemble. ;)

Day 4 – Misua (Chinese Vermicelli) with Ground Turkey and Carrots

Another dish that my daughter wouldn’t mind having again and again is Misua. It’s vermicelli soup, which she sometimes even eats with rice. Don’t judge! I do that, too! Haha! :D

Day 5 – Skinless Longanisa (Filipino Sausage) with Brown Rice 

This is yet another favorite – longanisa. You don’t know how much my daughter would love to have vinegar for dipping sauce to go with the skinless longanisa! I suggested the alternative, which is sliced tomatoes but she has convinced herself she doesn’t like tomatoes all that much. I packed some watermelon and cucumber slices instead.

And that’s last week in home-prepared lunches. ;)

Cheers, y’all! Mabuhay!

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  2. aylin says:

    Looks so yummy! Your daughter is so lucky and blessed having mom like you. :D
    aylin´s last blog post ..California Berry | Mango Taro


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