Happy and Prosperous 2012!!

Aahh, 2012, new year. Is it just me or did 2011 come and go way too fast? It’s true what they say, you know, that time flies when one is having fun. *wink*

Following is my New Year’s wish/message as posted on my Facebook wall, which I now say to you:

For you and me, I claim and already am thankful for the rich and bountiful harvest of blessings 2012 will bring. Miracles, big and small, will come at us in more ways than one, in more ways we know possible. Be ready to receive, to embrace, to be pleasantly surprised and to share. Sit back, relax and enjoy what promises to be one heck of an amazing ride. Thank you, God! Happy and Richly Blessed 2012 to us all! Weeee!

There’s no other and no better way to start the year than with an overly generous amount of positivity and good vibes.  Any sign of bad vibes from anyone and I automatically just tune out!  You should perhaps do the same, while we wait for someone  to invent a barcode scanner type of gadget that zaps the bad vibes out of everyone. That’ll be the day!

Happy cooking! Happy eating! Cheers and mabuhay!


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