Enter the Dragon

Make that enter the dragon cake! Last January, I received a last minute request from a good (girl) friend to make a 3-tier Dragon/Chinese New Year themed cake for her husband. If my memory serves me right, I got the call on a Tuesday and the cake was for a Saturday party that same week, just four days after the phone call. It is awfully hard for me to say no to my friends. I gave my friend my sweet sweet yes. *wink* To her credit, she only requested one cake flavor for all three layers, chocolate. Whew!

And this is what I came up with…

It’s simple, yes, but it’s filled with luck. Good thing I know my way around Chinese symbols of blessings and luck.

Red and gold. The first two colors that naturally came to mind. Red is one of the hardest colors to achieve in fondant work, the other color is black. And because I didn’t want to knead 3-tiers worth of fondant to cover the cake, I took my chance with the Duff-brand of edible spray paint. Saved me a ton of time, a few blotches on the cake notwithstanding. I used 2 cans of red, maybe 3. And two cans of gold. I love the sparkly effect the spray paint gave the cake and the decorations.

For the cake topper, I made a gold fondant ingot.  I sent hubby (bless his heart) on a long and arduous search for gold chocolate coins. They seem to be everywhere when I don’t need them. But that one time that I did need them, they could not be found. Hubby found them at a party store.

Mystic knot, a symbol of a long and happy life filled with good fortune. I had to have this on the cake.

And finally, the golden dragon. 2012 is the year of the water dragon after all. I have to admit, I like how this came out.  Sorry, no silver bars from Golden Eagle on this cake! Haha!

My friend and the birthday celebrant loved the cake. *insert sigh of relief* What can I say? I work well under pressure. Haha!

Blessings, blessings, y’all! :)


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