Hollywood Cake for a 40th Birthday

First, a shout out to my Facebook friends! No, no, I’m not cheating on my Facebook fast. If you got to this page because of a link that appeared on the news feed, it’s because of Networked Blogs, which automatically publishes feeds from my blogs. Be forewarned though! You will see three more feeds, practically one after the other before the clock strikes 12 midnight. What can I say? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to meet her deadlines. I have no choice but to simply be on a roll. *wink*

Moving along… It’s been almost two weeks since one of, if not THE grandest, glitziest and most star studded nights in Hollywood. Darn! I should have posted this entry on February 26. I made a Hollywood-themed cake for a friend’s 40th birthday last year, as in July of last year. Hee hee. Finally, the cake made it here. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

This was a super fun cake to make. My friend wanted a red, black and silver color scheme. Wish granted! My biggest challenge was getting the red and black right. I think I did!

My friend also wanted 40 cupcakes to complete the cake table ensemble. It’s just too bad that my trusty assistant (read: hubby) forgot the star toppers. Thank God for understanding friends!

There are three elements that make a cake unmistakably Hollywood: a clapper, a film reel, and lots and lots of stars. Check, check, check. Oh, a (gumpaste) plaque with a star with the celebrant’s name is a nice touch to have as well.

So far, cakes I’ve been requested to make have had very “reasonable” themes. If I had DJ friends, I probably would have already been through a Numark MixDeck cake challenge. Haha. Then again, we’ll never know. :)



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