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Hubby and I don’t do fancy Valentine’s Day lunches and dinners. It’s been that way since we got stuck in terrible Manila traffic one Valentine’s night 17 or so years ago. We were still in university then.  So for Valentine’s Day lunch this year, we stayed out of everyone’s way.  Hubby took me on a 20-25 minute drive, 17 miles away from home. Our destination was Kome Sushi Kitchen.  Hubby and I have been reading and hearing good things about Kome, which opened in Fall 2011. Hubby thought it’s about time we saw for ourselves what the buzz was all about.  Aaah, to be married to a man who is after my own heart. *swoons*

Kome is on Airport Blvd and we arrived just before the lunch time crowd hit.  We were welcomed with warm greetings from the hostess and the sushi chefs behind the sushi counter. Only a few tables were occupied when we were seated. But when noon time came, the dining room quickly filled up as if on cue.

Hubby and I took our lunch picks from a single-page lunch menu. I already knew I was going to have something from the sushi bar before we even left home. I’m a predictable bore like that. It was hubby who took a bit of time to decide. I may have had a hand in helping him decide to order something from the sushi bar as well.

I ordered the Chirashi, an assortment of sashimi served with sushi rice. Typically, the sashimi is laid on top of the rice. But at Kome, the rice was served on the side.

How pretty is that?! But trust me, it tastes even better than it looks. The sushi was oh-so fresh. I swear, I thought I heard bells (or was it Pulse cymbals?)! I believe I mmmm-ed after every mouthful of the good stuff, one too many. Ha!

Hubby ordered the Hokkai-don – salmon sashimi, salmon roe, scallop, tobiko and shiso on top of sushi rice…

Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm! I could have had this, too! In addition to my Chirashi, of course!

Our entrees were served with clear soup and Japanese pickles.

Portions were adequate, that is, Asian-size. You might want to order an appetizer or some sushi rolls if you consider yourself to be a hearty eater.

It’s nice to have real sashimi/sushi every once in a while, Japanese food lovers that we are. When we crave sushi but don’t want to spend a whole lot, we go to a buffet, where sashimi is fresh…that is, freshly thawed and cut so paper-thin that just the slightest of winds can blow them away. Seriously!

We will definitely be back at Kome, distance notwithstanding. We’ll keep coming back until we’ve ticked off every item on the menu. Then again, I may just stick with my usual Chirashi.

Kome Sushi Kitchen
4917 Airport Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751
Phone: 512.712.5700

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