Rainbow Magic Fairy Cake

I did a number of fairy-themed cakes last year.  Little girls will want a princess or fairy cake at least once in their life. If not the little girls, it will be their moms who will want it for them.

Meet Mia, the Bridesmaid Fairy from the Rainbow Fairies series of books. At least, this is my gumpaste interpretation of her.

I couldn’t get the hair to curl. Oopsie!

I like how this 6-inch cake came together. I specially like the little stars on the wire. Ooh, I like the mushrooms, too! Ok, so I like everything!

The birthday girl’s mommy requested that I make a naughty green goblin as well. The goblins are funny characters. Still, I don’t think you’ll welcome them into your mobile homes.

In addition to the pretty little cake, I also made cupcakes, one for each girl friend and one for each member of the family.

The cupcakes were topped with personalized clouds. Cuteness! Cutting the letters out took the  most time, next to sculpting the fairy topper.

I say sweet lookin’ cake, for a sweet birthday girl.


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