Grand Piano Cake

October last year, I made a grand piano cake for a smart and talented boy’s 11th birthday. It was his parents who asked me to make a cake. If the thoughtful birthday boy had his way, he wanted his Auntie Munchkin Mommy (me!) to just relax and have fun at his party and not worry about his cake. Didn’t I say he is sweet?

I made the mistake of thinking that this was going to be an easy cake to make. Well, for the most part, it was. It was the little details that took the most time to make. I was hoping for a more detailed grand piano. But it was not to be. Nonetheless, I am still very happy with how the cake turned out, smudges of cornstarch notwithstanding.

Go ahead and count the ivory and black keys. They are 88 all in all.

This is the closest I’ll allow you to see the cake. The black of the fondant looks a lot more pleasing at this distance.

As a young girl who played the piano, I dreamed of having my own baby grand piano. This is a baby-sized grand piano all right! How’s that for a dream come true? *wink*

I can only imagine how more challenging it would be to make a sculpted car cake complete with car title loans Wisconsin printed on edible paper for that added realism. It’s going to be interestingly fun to make. I know that for sure.

Cheers to beautiful music!


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